February 21, 2018
By Bricarsten19 BRONZE, Decatur, Texas
Bricarsten19 BRONZE, Decatur, Texas
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The day I ran away wasn’t necessarily a “run away”.  I just say I ran away because that sounds cooler.  The day was nice and sunny, school had started up and I was upset.  I had many reasons to be upset.  One, I was just becoming a teenager and everything was blown out of proportion for me.  Two, we just moved again and I had to start new at a new place again.  Three, my brother still got to go to our old school and I didn’t.  When I tell you that upset me so bad I felt it in my bones, I am not lying.  The only reason my brother still got to go was because he either walked home or got a ride home everyday.  I’m like, “hello, I can probably do that too!”  My mom did not care. 

One day I had enough of people being rude to me at my new school.  I wanted to go back.  So I decided to ask my mom, “Hey, what if I walk what if I walk to our old bus stop and back.  Then would I be able to go back?”  She sat back in her chair and looked me directly in the eyes and said, “Yes, Brianna, go.”  I’m not sure if she was joking or what, all I knew was she said yes and I was out of there. 

As I was putting my shoes on to go, my younger asked me what I was doing.  I told her the whole deal and said, “Want to come?”  She said, “Yeah!”  We both go outside where our mom is already waiting for us.  “Elizabeth wants to come.” I said.  My mom turned around and looked between my sister and I.  After a minute of awkward silence, my mom finally said, “If you think I’m going to let Elizabeth go with you, you’re crazy.”  I was confused.  Hadn’t she just said I could walk to our old bus stop by myself?  Why couldn’t I take someone with me?  Whatever the case was, I didn’t hesitate to continue walking down my driveway. 

When I came to the end of my driveway, I began walking to the right.  My mom was quick to tell me I was going the wrong way.  Of course I knew I wasn’t but if she wanted me to go left then fine.  So I turned around and began walking the other way.  Once again my mom had no problem telling me I was, again, going the wrong way.  This time I turned around and continued walking on my original path.  As I was walking away from my house, I turned toward my mom and said, “I know where I’m going!”  And thus began my trek. 

I was about half of a block away when I realized I didn’t have any food or drinks.  I decided I’d probably be fine and didn’t falter my pace.  It had been about ten to fifteen minutes when I was walking directly in front of the police station.  I was always fascinated with the police station because I thought they could channel to me and listen to what I was saying, so naturally I stared at it.  Until a police car began pulling out.  I quickly turned my head away so he didn’t think I was doing anything wrong. 

The police car slowly crossed the busy street and stopped right in front of my path.  I didn’t actually think it was for me so I continued walking.  The police officer got out of his car.  He took his sunglasses off and I heard him ask me, “Are you Brianna?”  Now let me remind you, I am thirteen years old, I came from a criminal family, and this is my first time being in trouble.  I was frightened.  I knew I had to be as polite and respectful as possible.  “Yes sir, I am Brianna.”  He then smiled and walked around the car.  The police officer opened the back door and asked me to get in. 

For just one second I thought about taking back that my name was Brianna.  But all of those thoughts disappeared when I said, “okay.” And began toward the open door.  I watched my legs the whole time.  I couldn’t believe I was walking.  It was as if I detached from my body but I was still inside. 

I got into the car and immediately began looking for a seat belt.  This is a police officer, I’m obviously going to wear my seatbelt.  I do anyway, but this time I had to.  No arguments, only putting my seatbelt on.  After he closed the door he walked around his car to get in the driver’s seat.  Again, I’m afraid.  He could be taking me to jail!  Once he got in, he put his seatbelt on and turned on a recording device.  I had seen this before.  Child Protective Services had been called on my parents before.  The workers always had those.  As soon as the recorder was on and the car was in drive, the questions began. 

“What is your home life like?” He asked me.  I had to think about the question.  Of course this question came up, I was leaving, or that’s what everyone seemed to think.  I replied with, “It’s good.”  He looked surprised with my answer.  I continued, guessing he needed more information, “I have a place to live for free, I get food when I want it, we have electricity.  The only thing I don’t like is my brother and my mom’s boyfriend.”  He laughed.  I guess that was a common thing.  One question I will never forget about him asking me was, “Did you know running away is illegal?” I did not know that. He told me I could’ve gone to jail if this had been a repeat, thankfully it was my first time.  At that point I decided to be better. 

We were still driving slowly to my house.  At this time he had stop asking questions and started telling me “funny” stories.  Things about his daughter cleaning the flat screen with a baby wipe.  Woohoo.  Lucky me.  The whole point of him telling me all of these stories was for him to say to begin helping my mom around the house. 
He finally got to my house and was still telling me how to live my life all the way up until I walked through the threshold of my home.  After I got in my house, my mom spoke to the officer for a bit.  The only thing I heard them say was that I had nice manners.  Then Mr.Police Officer left.  My mom came inside and began laughing.  She said, “Wow that was your first time in a cop car! Let’s write it down!” She was glorifying that a police officer picked me up off the side of the road and brought me home.  She thought it was funny.  She thought I would be like her.  Jokes on everyone who thought I couldn’t do it, four years later I’m in all AP classes and doing just fine.  

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