Likes And Views vs The End Consumer

February 27, 2018
By Jorrdan_writes GOLD, Byram Ms, Mississippi
Jorrdan_writes GOLD, Byram Ms, Mississippi
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You are going to die. Squeeze all that you can out of this one life you have. Live each day fully, because it could be gone as fast as a half taken breath.

For some of us, the likes and views shape the work we do. We will do anything for a certain amount of likes. And sometimes we replace what we love to do with something we don’t. Just because it brings us ”dopamine” and this is where we get value wrong. We think the amount of likes and views sits us at a certain level. But in reality we are all on the same level. It’s numbers that separate us, just like everything else. Like money, we will do anything for it. Value over numbers. Numbers rule us worse than anything. Whatever you do should be natural. Don’t do things for numbers, because all you are doing is cheating yourself. There are plenty of people that are going to mess you over, so why mess over yourself. Value is deeper than numbers, value comes from the soul. Value lasts for a long time. Value can change someone’s life. What Value Means In My Dictionary. When I started taking writing seriously about 7 months ago, I had a reason for it. It was like a rose blossom. Being that person that I am, I care about the next person, but we live in a world where we don’t care enough. Value to me is what a person takes from my work. Value is me inspiring someone to pick themselves up. That kid that reads my work because he is struggling with life. That person across the waters that comes to my page to wipe the tears away is all that matters.Value is love to me, value is more than likes. I live for making people happy, I’ve learned in these past 8 months or so that this is my purpose. It’s who I am within, and I can truly say that it has brought me out of my shell. It has brought me out of the lowest points of my life. Nobody can tell you what your purpose is but you. Having a purpose for your work. Everyone is equipped with a certain talent, so don’t sit on it. Not everyone will understand why you do what you do. So don’t expect other people to understand. If your sole purpose is for the likes and views, you will fail at some point. I’ve learned in these 8 months that value weighs more than any amount of likes. I’m nowhere near where I want to be, but I know that I’m going in the right direction because I’m following my purpose. With purpose comes happiness. My purpose is helping people, it comes from within me and I will continue to help people as long as I can as much as I can. As long as I help someone somewhere is all that matters.

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More value to the next person. Thats how life should be.


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