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February 9, 2018
By BoidN04 SILVER, Charlotte, North Carolina
BoidN04 SILVER, Charlotte, North Carolina
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To most of you football is just a game. It is just 22 men fighting over a stupid ball. It is just a game, just something you occasionally see being played. Some may also find it bleak and boring. But have you ever felt the excitement after scoring a last minute goal. Have you ever felt the sense of pride after tackling your opponent. Do you ever experience such a sensation after running more than your opponent. You can never experience the emotions football can give you.

Football gives you something to brag about, something to  good about. Football is an escape, while on that pitch everything else erases from your mind. Have you ever felt the excitement of winning a game. Winning against your toughest opponent. The emotions that football gives you are unrepeatable. The enjoyment after rising from the ground, the pride of being the messiah to your teammates, the feeling that you can be anything on that pitch. Once you are on that pitch nothing can stop you, you are not your normal self. The aggressiveness the braveness in you comes out on that pitch. You are unstoppable on that pitch. Everything changes out there on the field. You transform out there on the field, you are a beast on that field. You can never go through the sensations a footballer experiences when he runs more than his opponent, gets tired but keeps going, the pleasure of dribbling past your opposition, the thrill of playing on a rainy day. Can you ever feel better after when you hear everyone shouting your name and encouraging you. These little things are what make this sport much more than a game, why it makes it special, why it makes it different.

But football is not a field of daisies. It is a battlefield. You have to work hard every day to reach what you want. You have to sacrifice, you have to be committed. For all those emotions to show up you have to give hard work and dedication. You have to give your life for it. It teaches you how to never give up, how to keep grinding on for an ultimate goal. The struggle is real and pain is real, but the suffering is worth it. Going out on the field and being the best player, feeling good about yourself, and the sense that nobody can stop you it is why football is worth it.  All these emotions are unforgettable.

The author's comments:

This  is about how I feel about football, or what some people would call soccer. 

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