The Horrible Food

February 13, 2018
By Anonymous

On a fine Sunday morning, my exhausted body was woken up by the smell of eggs and bacon being cooked by my mom. I got out of my bed and began walking towards the kitchen. Once I came in, my mom asked me, “Are you hungry? Do you want me to serve you?”

I responded by nodding my head and sat down on the kitchen table. As I waited for my food, I could hear the birds chirping outside while the bacon begins to smell all over the house.

My food arrived and I began to eat. The nice taste of the bacon made my mouth sour up as it glided down my throat. Finishing up, I grabbed my plate and put it in the sink. I then walked to the bathroom and began to get ready.

Once I finished getting ready, I headed outside the house to water my mom’s garden. I watered down her roses, sunflowers, and many other plants she had growing.

As soon as I finished, I went back to the house to do my own house chores. Finishing up, I went back to my room and began to play video games. My mom came in my room and asked me to get ready because we were going out to eat. I put on a fresh T- shirt, some khaki pants, and my red Converse. I finished getting ready and went downstairs to wait on the rest of my family. My mom got the car keys while my dad was upstairs dressing up my little sister. We finally finished up and got ready to leave to the restaurant.


I had asked my mom what restaurant we are going too which she replied saying “ We are going to your dad’s favorite place.” My family and I were going to this restaurant named Olive Garden. My sister and I enjoy coming to this place because of their  Alfredo Fettuccine. Every since I was small, I would eat this with my family every Sunday night. Once we arrived, the waitress in the front of the restaurant seated us and asked us,  “What kind of drinks would you like?”

My dad ordered a Coke while the rest of my family including me ordered a Sprite. We politely waited for our drinks as we glared at the menu. I looked at the menu and picked the same thing I always get which is the Alfredo Fettuccine. The waiter came back with our drinks and we were ready to order. I told the waitress, “I would like to get a Alfredo Fettuccine.” and handed him the menu. My mom and two sisters were ready to order and told the waitress, “I want a season salad with extra ranch on the side.” Finally, my dad ordered a spaghetti plate with extra meatballs. We waited calmly and happily for our food to arrive. Once the food arrived we began to eat. I grabbed my plate and ate it in about 20 minutes.

My sisters were still eating while my dad and mom were finishing up. My mom was the second to finish and then came my dad. Finally, my sisters were finished eating and we waited for the waitress to come back to order some dessert. For dessert, I ordered a slice of chocolate cake and while everyone else ordered a milkshake. I took my time on the cake because I was already full from the Fettuccini. My mom, dad, and sisters finished up there milkshake and were now only waiting on me. I took the last bite and put the plate to the side. Later on, the waitress came and gave us the check. My dad got the check and we were ready to leave. The moment I got up from the chair I felt a huge drop on my stomach. It didn’t feel right at first until I started walking even more it got worse each time. Right when I got to the car I suddenly began to feel my food coming up and had no choice but to let it out. I threw up all over the parking lot of the restaurant. I was so embarrassed. Luckily, no one seen me but my parents but till this day, I will never forget my visit to Olive Garden.

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