One Day Before the Assembly

February 20, 2018
By Anonymous

It was near about 7:45 am and I have just ended a war through entering into the gate after much hardship.Then I just heard the bell was ringing.Suddenly I heard my name was being announced on the mike such that,"Class XI-Science F, SAIDUL where you might be, come forward quickly.I uttered myself, "oh no! I have to run fast.Many was looking at me running over there.The teacher wanted to vast the leading task to a girl whose name starts with F and ends with N. But I arrived there in time.I stood behind the mike facing towards the assembly.I focused on the mike and it seemed to me like that I was just focusing on it with a 50 mega pixel camera and everything beside that were just blurred.The assembly was started.....The leader commanded the assembly to be in prayer position.Then I started my recitation beginning with Salam.....I began to recite with melodious voice so that it would touch the heart of the listeners.....I was a bit nervous but by the grace of ALLAH(SWT) I finished it how everyone wanted......


[Verse:Wa iza ki lalahum la tufsidu...... muslihun.Alaaa innahum.....Yashurun]
Then I stood with the national anthem singers..."Mori hai hai re maa thor muker bani, amar prane lage shudar motho ooo" When I would stand with the assembly everything seemed to be far from me. But when I stood there it seemed that everything was much nearer to me and I could see everything so clearly.

Then the speech of the Principal began as usual and it continued with the explanation of that QURANIC verse....

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