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February 14, 2018
By rickyharris BRONZE, Malakoff TX, Texas
rickyharris BRONZE, Malakoff TX, Texas
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This day was when my grandmother made me go to Dallas with my uncle because I was being bad. She had gotten mad because she had asked me to do a few things and I tried doing them but I wanted to know exactly what she needed done. But when I asked that question she went off for some odd reason. I tried to make her calm down but that only made things worse for me. When she gets mad she tells me to go to my room and then she goes in and tries to talk about it. So when she came in she argued with me that it was all my fault she got mad but I only agreed with her so I wouldn’t get in as much trouble. Then my brother calmed her down and we talked. I told her I’m fine with going to my uncle’s house in Dallas but i would only go for this weekend I told her. She said that was fine and so I went in my room and packed clothes. We left as soon as I got all my clothes packed. We got there in like 30 minutes and my uncle was eating so we sat down and ate with him. When we got done eating my uncle took me too his house and we played all types of games. Monopoly was my favorite because I kept winning and it was the funnest. My uncle hated playing it because he kept loosing and then everyone in the house joined in. my uncle’s girlfriend started beating me and i got mad every time I lost, like why does she even playing this game I thought to myself. So after she won hundreds of times we quit the game and played this toilet game. It’s where you spin a spinner with numbers on it and, whatever number you land on you press the toilet lever that many times and it shoot water out but not every time. It as a fun game but I got all wet, and the carpet got wet and that made things worse. So when the carpet got all wet we had to stop doing what we are doing and clean the carpet.

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I am a 14 year old boy

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