February 14, 2018
By Anonymous

Summer is my favorite season. The bright sun, tans, and even trips to the beach. When I was little, I loved swimming. It was my passion, I could swim until I looked like a raisin. Up until 2 weeks ago when I was attacked by a shark. I know what you’re thinking,”how can you be writing this if you were gulped up by a great white?” Well here’s how it happened…

You see, my family always takes a trip to galveston every year. This year my mom decided to go to Destin beach Florida instead. I knew this was a terrible idea. I did some reading, and turns out that the exact place where we were staying, there had been a shark attack about a year ago. I showed my mom, and she told me the usual things like “don't believe everything you read on the internet and “if you look for the negatives, you’ll find them.”
It was the day, the day we were going to drive 8 hours just so I can be chewed up, and spit out by a hungry fish. The whole way there I was silent. My mom kept telling me to get into a better mood, but I couldn't, I just couldn’t.

The first couple days weren’t that bad. We did some swimming, ate new foods, and even went parasailing 500 ft. in the air. I actually started to have fun, and not worry about some stupid fear that would never become a reality.
It was our last day, and I had pretty much forgotten about the whole shark thing. We got finished at the beach, and started towards a little bar and grill. On the way there me and my dad were laughing about how I made such a big deal out of nothing. We were walking into the restaurant, and I noticed some old looking shark right above the door, and it had its mouth open with huge teeth sticking out.

As we were finishing eating, me and my mom got into it over my brother. Let me just say he was being rude, and hateful towards me. And my mother has the audacity to take up for him. Mad, I stormed away, out of the restaurant, and slammed the door as hard as possible. Before I knew it that crusty shark had fell on top of me, and I was stuck in its mouth. It all happened so fast. When I got out of it, the first thing I said was “I told you so.” I got ice cream that day, and my brother had to sit in the back

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