February 14, 2018
By DazedAura BRONZE, London , Other
DazedAura BRONZE, London , Other
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Ever since I was little I was never able to understand the point of cheating, bare in mind that I am a teenager however that doesn't mean that I have never had someone break my trust and betray me.

I'm a female, so I could look at the point of the woman, however, cheating happens both ways, I could look at both sides of the story I don't care if you are male or female. at the end of the day, cheating is choice, not a mistake so saying sorry isn't going to fix it.


Even to this day, I can't fathom why someone would cheat, if you are unhappy or not in love anymore then leave them don't hurt them by cheating on them. If they aren't giving you what you want, cut the relationship sweetie. Sounds easy right? yet people have the audacity to want the relationship they are unhappy in and at the same time mess around. 

Again, a lot of you cheaters out there are ready to attack me saying I don't understand how it feels to be in a relationship and feel unhappy or whatever they are feeling. I agree, I've never been in a relationship or even been cheated on but I have a right to say something, as I'm a human just like you and I can feel whatever you feel. At the end of the day, I can feel anger, happiness, heartbreak and so on; I can imagine myself where I had been a relationship with a guy and he chooses to cheat on me. I would be absolutely devasted as it makes it seem like I'm not good enough for the guy so he had to look somewhere else.

So here's what you can do if you are a cheater. First, find someone who understands your needs and so on. and if you feel the relationship taking a turn for the worst please for the love of God just break it off and explain to them because when you cheat you end up hurting them more than just breaking up with them.

So here what you do if you have been cheated on, first remember that it's not your fault the relationship ended. it was because of the other person's stupidity and rational thinking at the end of the day we are all just searching for the one person who is the One and the one who cheated on you is definitely not the One so be grateful that its one less person that isn't your match.

I know its hard but just think would you like to be cheated on, if no then don't do it to the other person. its hard to trust someone else when you've been hurt by someone who you trusted a lot so just remember one choice of cheating could leave a lifetime full of trust issues and a scarred heart.

The author's comments:

This piece was inspired by many people who were heartbroken due to a cheating partner and it made my opinion stand out more as I never understood the point of cheating. I'm hoping people will be able to realise how much they hurt people due to their choices. 

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