The Ship

February 13, 2018
By Avery_Swag BRONZE, Tool, Texas
Avery_Swag BRONZE, Tool, Texas
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The family takes a vacation on the first summer vacation of the year. The boys explore the ship meeting new people, and visit new places.

Chapter 1: The Ship

It’s the day of the cruise and my mom wakes me up in a hurry. As usual, I ignore the small nudge in my side, eager to go back to sleep. Once more I’m awoken by a nudge with a whisper in my ear. At first I had no clue what they said or even who was trying to conversate with me. As I turn over I suddenly realize that today was the day that my family and I set sail to the crystal clear waters of the sea for a whole week! I jump out of bed, take a shower, and get ready only to realize it was 5 in the morning. I was so excited for the cruise I didn't even realize the fact that five of the seven people in the room were still sound asleep.
At first I was angered and frustrated at the fact that my grandma, who was the one who woke me, couldn't have said something. After her explaining that seven people couldn't all get ready at the same time, we went to breakfast. We talked about the size of the ship, and all the different activities available. The ship's name was Breeze, this only ensured the fact that the next week would be a breeze.
After everyone was awake and ready to leave, we packed the suitcases in the car, and headed for the port of galveston. As my mother turns the corner, I see the biggest most beautiful ship I have ever seen.To get on the ship, you had to go through all the usual security, baggage check, customs and such. The wedding guest go on first, then membership cruisers, then A-Z. Since we had A, we got to get on before the other 5,000 cruisers.
Since you couldn't go to your room until 1:30, they took everyone to the Lido Deck, which is the 10th story of the ship where all the food and goodies are. They had all types of food; Indian, Italian,Australian, Chinese, American, Mexican, Brazilian, and even Hawaiian. Not to mention the 24/7 deli, pasta bar, and ice cream machines. With all this food readily available, I didn't hesitate. I probably had 20 ice cream cones before we had even left the dock. I must have went on to eat at least 100 ice cream cones a day.
  After gorging myself with delicious treats, all passengers had to go to there muster station. Which in reality was just a fancy name for the place to go if something bad happened. After the long, seemingly endless procedures, our ship could finally leave the Port of Galveston. What's the first thing to do? The pool, slip n slides, basketball court, putt-putt, a game of massive chess, sky ropes, the kid club, movie theatre, or arcade? The choices were endless, and the best part of it all. No mom! I mean of course I would see her in the room, but she wouldn't be on my back the entire time. C'mon, we are in the middle of the ocean to get away from our daily life anyway.
After, me and my two brothers finally talk over the options of activities, we decide to play a round of putt-putt. Not because we actually wanted to play golf, but because the mini golf course was above the key part of the ship, the deck. The deck was were all the activities took place, in 15 Minutes there would be the first game of the cruise. We thought about participating, but we decided that people watching would be more enjoyable.
Finally, it was time. Our cruise director wearing a suit covered in the British flag, comes out and picks 10 participants. It made it all the better than half of the cruisers chosen were numb off the constant service of fruity drinks. There were 3 rounds, the first round would eliminate half leaving the last 5, the next round would leave 2. These two would battle it out in a lip sync battle on the last night of the cruise.

On the last night we decided to try out a club for teens. The club was called Circle C, and at first was pretty boring. My brothers and I had just started our second hour of cards, when all of a sudden. Three jaw dropping girls walk in, I was eager to start up a conversation. However, I didn't have to. They walk straight towards us with bright smiles, and delightful perfume. We played cards till the morning, when we finished we said our goodbyes. To never see eachother again.
After the cruise was over, my whole family kept saying how they missed land and home. Me? No, I didn't miss land at all, I would have lived on the ship if they let me. Overall my first cruise was an amazing week of making memories, meeting new people, eating delicious food, trying new things. I can't wait to go again next summer.

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