Importance of Siblngs

February 6, 2018
By olivialennon BRONZE, Indialantic, Florida
olivialennon BRONZE, Indialantic, Florida
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About thirteen months before I was born, my sister, Kaitlyn was born. Growing up,  she was my best friend and my worst enemy. As a kid, I had to go to daycare with her, play with her and even share a room with her. I constantly had someone with me and I felt like I couldn’t ever get rid of her. I even remember a time we tried to convince each other we were adopted because we were so tired of each other. I was repeatedly called her twin (even though we have different color hair and eyes!)  sometimes even her cousin. People never thought we were sisters. It kind of all changed one day when we moved from New Jersey to Florida. We live in a big house now and have separate rooms which became a distance for us. We even did separate sports and played different musical instruments. This also meant completely different friend groups because we branched out. It wasn’t like I felt empty because I didn't see her as much, but from fourth grade on it felt as if my best friend was gone. As middle school went on, we continued to grow distant from each other. At some points, it felt as if we didn’t even know what was going on in each other's lives. Because we were both in middle school at this point, we fought over everything. My problem was that I never listened to her, I always thought she was trying to go against me instead of help me.  Instead of working out our differences we constantly nagged and got on each other's nerves. Eventually, we both grew up. Now, we are both in high school, I definitely think we both have changed our ways of being immature and rude towards each other.  Slowly, we learned we needed each other more than we thought. Freshman year, during one vacation to Atlantic City, I had a realization about how much she cared for me.We both decided to take a walk on the boardwalk, while my aunt and mom grabbed themselves coffee. During our walk, Kaitlyn said she felt like she saw someone “sketchy” or dangerous walking behind us. I knew she was paranoid and that the person was no harm to us. Although, she over reacted and pushed me to walk faster while saying “It’s my job to protect you, hurry up and go!”, in the long run, we weren't in any danger and we made it back just fine.The way she acted in this situation resembled how important my safety was to her.  The more I thought about this I realized how much she has impacted my life. She has made me stronger and pushed me to work harder and achieve my goals. After we moved, I didn't loose my best friend, we just became distant for a while. The truth is that she was always there and that I could come to her with anything. In addition to her protecting me, her constantly giving me advice and helping me showed how much she cared and loved me.  I believe you were given siblings for a reason and that you should cherish them. After all the years of fighting I wish I knew then she was only trying to help me and not hurt me.  Through all the past “I hate you’s” and fights,  we truly love each other. I believe siblings should be cherished for what they are and what they have in their hearts.

The author's comments:

I wrote this piece because as I grew up i lernd alot about the importance of family, especially my sister. 

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