The Leaves Are Changing

February 6, 2018
By zach11 BRONZE, Park Rapids, Minnesota
zach11 BRONZE, Park Rapids, Minnesota
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It is a cool brisk fall morning. The leaves are dancing right off the trees into the lake. The wind makes the lake have a little wave to it like a ruffle chip. Looking across the lake, I can see different shades of color. The sky has a nice shade of blue to it, while many of the leaves are starting to turn. Most of the leaves are yellow and red while some are still green. The leaves are changing and so are the seasons.


When the weather transitions into fall you can tell in nature as the leaves start to turn. Leaves turn when they get stressed just like humans. When humans get stressed, they start to get gray hair. Humans have many different reasons to change. I adjust to the rough times in my life, but also with good times just like anyone else would. Humans change so often that sometimes they don’t even notice it.

The life of a human differs weekly, if not daily. We adapt to our surroundings, if something isn't going right we attempt to fix it. Right now in football our team isn’t having the best season but that doesn’t mean we are going to give up on it. Every week, we go out to the practice field to try to fix our mistakes. Even though giving up would be the easiest thing to do, but humans like a little challenge in their lives. The challenge is not to give up but to face the obstacles that are blocking you from success.

I also allow myself to completely change during the wrestling season. I don’t like to do it but it is part of the sport. During this you have to lose weight which isn’t easy and then you have to change your lifestyle during that whole season. You do that by eating very little but when you do eat it has to be healthy and then also you can’t drink a bunch either. During the wrestling season you completely adjust to your surroundings anything that will help you lose weight you will do.

In life if you are blessed with a child, you modify your lifestyle to make the kids better . Trees do that in nature by giving shade to us or other living plants that need it. Nature and humans both change but in different ways. The human life switches just as fast as the weather in Minnesota.  I personally switch attitudes each day. One day I can be crabby from something I did bad on the day before, but then the next day I will be happy. Unlike humans nature doesn’t have that opportunity once the leaves start to turn they can’t go back
Humans can change from day to day to get around things, same as nature.


The wind is blowing and making the tree branches move. While I study the moving trees I see the branches waving at me. The wind is starting to slowly blow more and more leaves off the trees making them start to look bare. The water is a darker color which means it is getting colder. Slowly as the leaves turn colors and fall off, winter is closer.

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