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February 15, 2018
By k.lynn71 BRONZE, Monroe, Wisconsin
k.lynn71 BRONZE, Monroe, Wisconsin
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She lights the world. Everyone looks at her for every little thing. She is the one that everyone turns and looks at in a crowded room. Everyone thinks of her as the strong, beautiful, and independent. You look at her and get jealous. Everyone wants to date her and everyone wants to be her. You know someone like that, right? Doesn’t everyone?
But if everyone knows a girl just like her, is it that they all know the same girl, or that everyone is that kind of girl? So many bring themselves down looking at this girl that everyone believes is so amazing and perfect that they don’t even consider to think of how they look or are looked at as. We as people pick out that our first thing we see ourselves as is things like ugly, not enough, or irrelevant no matter what others say we are. But, why do we do this? Even when others are thinking so fondly of us we bring ourselves down to the point of things like eating disorders, self harm, or even suicide. Why is it that our brains force us to do such nasty things to ourselves just to feel better about ourselves in the end? Is it even helping us the way that we want or is it just want society thinks we need to do?
Society puts so much pressure on both males and females. But why is it that girls are more likely to let society affect them? We are shown photoshopped men and women and how skinny and amazing they look then are expected to meet society’s standards on topics like beauty and are considered not enough if we do otherwise. When will it be the limit where society changes due to so many breaking points within its standards? After how many negative actions will we as people realize that we are enough?
Everyone strives to be “her” but we never strive to be ourselves. We shut down and don’t let others in, but why? Because we aren’t like her? Nevermind, not that we aren’t like her but that we can’t ever picture ourselves being good enough to be her. Even though most of us are as good if not better than her. Nope, scratch that too. I shouldn’t say most because every single person male or female are as good as this “her” or “him” that we all have made up in our head as being society’s perfect little child.
So, next time you look into the mirror don’t sit there and cry, don’t sit there the next 3 days hurting your wrists or deciding how long to starve yourself. Look into the mirror and notice all the little good things that people have told you that you never believed. Look at your crooked smile and see a unique beautiful new perspective. Look at your scars and see beauty. Not because you did it to yourself but because you were good enough to outlast the horrible thoughts in your head long enough to survive what at the time seemed impossible to get through.
We all have scars we don’t want to talk about weather it is physical or mental, so why do we criticize not only others but ourselves for our scars? Every person has them no matter how small or large so why do we find the need to look at them as such a horrible thing? Not all scars are our faults either which is another thing society has set in place, that all physical and mental problems are our faults. Even with things like rape, we are told that the women provoked the men, why is it that it can’t just be some people male and female are both bad people at some points in their lives? Why must there be not only a victim in things like sexual assault but also a reasoning to why they got raped? Why does it have to do with things like their appearance or who they are? Yes, it is a big deal but can’t we just get justice for the victim and leave it at that if they wish?  Some people just want to be able to forget what has happened to them weather it be rape, losing a family member, or something personal to them. So why must we drag things on out of what is respected just so that everyone else can know what happened, can’t things just be our own business not based off of the rumors and drama spread around, especially on such personal topics?
So, next time you look in the mirror, hear about yourself whether positive or negative, or even just think of “her” think of all the amazing things you as a person have going for you including your uniqueness, your personal talents without comparing to others, but most of all think of all the things, big and small, that you as a person have overcome.

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I hope for people to be able to relate to this within their own lives.

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