My Big Desicion

January 31, 2018
By Taylorkz BRONZE, Hemet, California
Taylorkz BRONZE, Hemet, California
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People say I overwork myself which I do believe is true. I tell myself everyday that I can do it all and continue working. I’m starting to realize now that maybe I can’t do it all. I can no longer practice for 4-5 hours a day while also staying an extra two hours for ASB. My grades begin to suffer, I’m always in pain, and no matter how much sleep I get I’m still tired. I have to choose one or the other.

My coach told me the other day she wants to add a few hours of practicing to our day. Six hours a Day is what she wants us to do. Two before, and four after school. “It’s too much,” is now what keep telling myself. I won’t have time to do anything else besides going to school. My shoulder has been badly injured to the point where I do physical therapy, wear KT tape, sleep with an ice pack every night, and recently has gotten injections for it. If I keep swimming it’s just going to get worse.I love water polo and swim, making it very hard for me to choose.

I also have ASB though, which has been a part of me since my sixth grade year. It’s the one thing that’s has completely changed me for the better. There are events coming up that will take me hours to plan and get ready for. I have to miss classes and practices for events/meeting where I fall behind in. Some nights after doing homework I have to stay up for hours just planning things or typing things into a computer. ASB takes up so much of my time but I also feel like it’s worth it.

At the end of the day though I’m exhausted and now I don’t think I can do it. I love everything I do but I don’t believe I can keep pushing myself. This decision will affect me hugely no matter what I choose to give up, but it’s for the better. All ive been thinking about lately is which one I’m going to choose for the other. I finally decided I’m giving up water polo/ swim.

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