January 25, 2018
By werewolvesrule473 SILVER, Cannon Falls, MN, Minnesota
werewolvesrule473 SILVER, Cannon Falls, MN, Minnesota
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Minnesota is nice place to stay. It has lots of forest, lakes, and rivers, but it’s missing a few things. It doesn’t have a nearby ocean or gulf, palm trees, large beaches, lots of sun, or warm temperatures year round. This could seem like a dream Minnesota from another dimension but, this is in fact a description from our dimension, in our country, called Florida. This place seems like a paradise, it does in ways meet “requirements”  to be a paradise. I’ve been there myself and saw many things I enjoyed. It’s why someday moving to Florida would be a major life choice to me. The reasons I would like to go Florida is its beaches, weather, and the fact that most of my family lives there.

My first reason to go to this state and live there is because of its beaches. Florida has lots of beaches, and when I mean a lot of them, I do mean a lot! The beaches I went to had white powder-like sand that wasn’t really grainy like Minnesota’s beaches on Lake Byllesby or on the Cannon River. The beaches also give  wonderful views of Two bodies of water: the Atlantic Ocean and Gulf of Mexico. The water there was very warm, almost like warm bathtub on a cold day. Sounds relaxing doesn’t it? The palm trees there dot the state almost everywhere. In fact, even on the side of a major road you can see a line of palm trees blowing in breeze. Palm trees aren’t the only tree in the forest; massive shade trees grow there as well. Though this reason is first, it isn’t the most important one.

Second, Florida’s weather system is a unique bunch. It can be sunny, then not even a minute later a rainstorm shows up, and then back to Sunny again. Sometimes it rains while the sun is out; However rain isn’t much of a problem, it is warm year round.  In a normal Minnesotan winter, it can feel like you stepped onto Pluto while Florida is living it up with 70 degree weather in the middle of December. It’s all thanks to the ocean that drives the cold air out of the state and to us to deal with. Next time it is cold, blame it on the ocean. Though Florida is warm, that brings a downside, it is vulnerable to some wacky weather when it does come. Severe storms sometimes bring no sound of wind or thunder. If you are lucky, maybe even 3 lightning strikes all next to each other at the same time but, when the storms do pass, you think the temperature would drop after a good rainstorm, right? Wrong, in Florida, it’s the complete opposite, the heat increases after a storm. Though Florida might have crazy weather that can attract tourists, it’s only the second most important thing there.

Last but not least, is that my family lives there. My mom, stepdad, and my two other sisters there as well as aunts, uncles, cousins, and grandparents live there. I’ve met them all and they are very nice and good people. Most of my favorite things happen there like going to the beach with them and experiencing a tropical storm for the first time. Very interesting topic I’ll talk about another day. Florida is home to my family which in way, Florida is a second home and it’s why it’s the most important thing there.

To conclude this essay, I’ve said how the beaches are a fine powder white shores, the weather is unique with sun and the storms happening at the same time, and most of all, how most of my known family lives there.  It is an interesting topic to talk about. Florida is unique in special way. Perhaps you relate to it in some shape or form and maybe someday, someday, it could happen that I will move to Florida and the first in a long time, be reunited with most of my family, enjoy the beaches once more, and study how the weather works there, but for now, we can only wonder.

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