My Momma and Me

January 25, 2018
By CaitlynH SILVER, Cannon Falls, Minnesota
CaitlynH SILVER, Cannon Falls, Minnesota
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When I was little my mother would take me to fun places like zoos. I love my mother. She is all I ever needed in my life.  She makes me laugh whenever I’m serious. We do lots of fun activities together like, making crafts, watching movies or our favorite TV shows. She’s the one who made me who I am today.


She’s always there for me. She went to  all of my choir concerts so far.She brought me to fun places we always spent time together. She brought me to my doctor and dentist appointments that I needed. That’s what she did for me. When I was sick she took care of me. When I was upset she would make me feel better.

She told me to never give up. She told me to never give up on school. She told me to not give on my friends and family. She also told me to never give up on yourself.  Those were the things she told me not to give up on. Whenever I felt like giving up I would tell her what’s bothering me and she would help me figure it out.


She helped me when I needed it. She helped me with my homework when I had it. She helped me study for upcoming test or quizzes. She told me the more you learn you’ll make better and smarter decisions in life.  I would tell her ahead of time when I would have a test so she could study with my . When I was stuck on a problem on homework I would ask her for help. These are the things my mother helped me with.


I love my mother, she told me to never give up, she was my study buddy and, she was always there for me. I love my mother because she is all I ever needed. My mother is someone who I can look up to for comfort and help. I love my mother, She brought me to fun places like zoos or amusement whenever we had time or money.  My mother Is my one and only. She was there when I needed her most and I was there for her when she needed me. My mother influenced me the most in my life.

The author's comments:

This is based on how connected me and my mom is, and how much she means to me.

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