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January 25, 2018
By Sierrah SILVER, Cannon Falls, Minnesota
Sierrah SILVER, Cannon Falls, Minnesota
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I am a different type of learner. Like my style of learning is as if I was teaching myself. For example, let’s just say that I need to figure out a math problem and the teacher shows the steps on how to do it but it is confusing to me. I would then look at the problem and see the key points to solving them and then do it the easier way. The easier way would of been the best choice I feel that would help me learn better because I can be a bit slow sometimes. So if a teacher would just do that method the first time, I feel like it would be a much simpler and best fitting for me. So somebody like that would most likely make an ideal teacher for me. Of course if you include them being caring, hands-on and humorous.

A person who cares for you I feel is a big deal. I feel it’s an even bigger deal when you spend eight hours of your day with people who are there to help out with any situation. Teachers are probably on my top of the list of people that I know that care because if they didn’t care at all they wouldn’t have the job they have today. I have had some days where I would rather go to a teacher than to a friend because teachers don’t judge and will be there to help out and be there to guide you through situations to better you. Last year I remember having to go to a teacher about a situation and she helped with a situation by doing hands-on activities to get through it.

Now being hands-on is a big thing for me as a learner, so when a teacher is willing to do that I think it's a big deal. Having activities and giving examples are big because it helps me have a bigger understanding then if we weren’t. Like in 7th grade science we had to make a cell to help understand what it is. We got to make it out of anything. Let’s just say that my partner and I wanted to be a bit more “better” than the other groups so we made our sell out of rice crispy treats and candy. That project was one of my favorites because we got to have a lot of fun and learn at the same time. With activities it gives me, the class and the teachers to have fun and let loose a little bit. Usually when that happens laughs seem to happen and the teacher's humor seems to get involved.

Some people stereotype teachers as someone who just sits in their desks all day, grades students papers, gives out detention, and gossip in the teacher's lounge. Well, that could be some teachers but I personally like it when teachers give jokes or tell funny stories. To me it shows that they are comfortable with embarrassing themselves if the joke isn’t funny or no one gets it. Last year, Mr. Schoop told everyone a “life lesson” on Fridays. Some would be serious and some would be really fun. One day he taught us how to cook and eat a baked potato. He was also very sarcastic. Some days I thought he was being serious but it always turned out to be messing with us and I always thought it was cool that Schopp would go out of his way to make it fun.

There you have it. You now know about me and what is best for me when it comes to teachers. I feel that the best type of teachers are what I just described to you. Which is caring, hands-on, and humorous. Most may not understand why I need teachers like this but I know I do and that is what matters.

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