Becoming a Billionaire

January 25, 2018
By OweenTheGreat SILVER, Cannon Falls, Minnesota
OweenTheGreat SILVER, Cannon Falls, Minnesota
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Money makes the world go around, or so the saying goes. It’s the oil for the wheel of life.  Money is used to buy necessities such as food and clothing. Businesses rely on money to create products to sell and pay their employees. We also use money to acquire many of the things we simply “want” in life including vacations, toys, jewelry and much more. Having a lot of money provides security and opens up opportunities that aren’t possible otherwise. That is what I am aiming for. I want to become a billionaire before I turn sixty years old. There are three reasons why I have this goal. Becoming a billionaire would signal to me that I have accomplished great things and have exceeded the ordinary. As a billionaire I could buy many expensive things without worrying about a budget or saving money in advance. Yet, not only could I use this money for myself, but I could also use this money to improve the lives of the people and causes I care about.

Feeling that I have accomplished great things in life is important to me. Our society often rewards success with higher pay and monetary rewards. Being a billionaire would mean I’ve taken my accomplishments to one of the highest levels possible. It would be through my own hard work and ingenuity that I will achieve this goal. There are not that many billionaires in the world, so becoming one would make me anything but ordinary. Another part of becoming a billionaire would be the status that it carries with it. Who wouldn’t be proud of having achieved the status of billionaire?  But I can’t just be happy with myself. I have to actually do something with all the cash that has been built up.

Having this almost limitless supply of money will allow me to buy almost anything. I can go well beyond just what I need to buy the finer things in life. Almost all people, even millionaires, must still budget their money. However, a billionaire is free to not worry about everyday expenses. This is the main reason that I want to be a billionaire. The worry of paying bills or purchasing necessities would not be an issue for me anymore. Many people dream of the possibility of living a life free of worries about money and I would be living that dream. Yet, at the end of the day, I will still have extra money that I can put to use.

As a billionaire I would love to give money to others. I definitely would start with taking care of my family. My parents and my sister are always dreaming of new places they’d like to explore. With my money, I want to fulfill those dreams by paying for a vacation to wherever they want to go. After taking care of my family, I want to do philanthropic things with my money.  For example, I would like to fund businesses or groups that I support. This might be a charity that cares for people who need help in life or even a local store in Cannon Falls that is having difficulty surviving amongst competition from bigger stores. Investing in my family and other organizations would make me feel fulfilled in a way that spending money on myself would not.  I would not feel satisfied without seeing my accomplishment help others.

My life so far has been full of worry about performing well, getting good grades and making a good impression on others. When I picture a successful life, I see those who have been freed of worry and are able to simply enjoy themselves. I want freedom from worry and the choice to do as I please. To do that I feel it’s important to have a good income. To achieve this, I made a goal to become a billionaire before I am 60 years old. By reaching this goal it will be affirmation of my accomplishments in life. This will lead to my ability to purchase things that I want without worry, and also afford me the opportunity to share my wealth with my family and other organizations for their betterment. When I become a billionaire, I will only help the world spin a little smoother as I will spend my money in different ways. I am going to become the next Bill Gates.

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