My Favorite FFA Advisor

January 25, 2018
By Helgren_2021 SILVER, Cannon Falls, Minnesota
Helgren_2021 SILVER, Cannon Falls, Minnesota
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Trips with Pliscott are always fun. We make so many memories that sometimes I just stop and laugh at all the funny moments.  I remember one time, on our way to the University of Minnesota from our hotel, Pliscott said he was always right, he always knew what was going on. No more than five minutes later we found ourselves lost, driving aimlessly through different neighborhoods of the twin cities. We then all joked about how he's always right, but in this moment he wasn’t. My FFA advisor taught me basic knowledge for life, how to be independent, and to put my best work forward.

Mr. Pliscott has taught me lots of things I could use in life and he continues to teach me from his past experiences. One time I was working on homework in his class and I was very confused. I asked him for help and he told me of when he didn’t understand something and how he went around learning it in his own way. He told me that sometimes you need to find a different way that you can learn best. This also shows how he helps me find an easier or better way to do something. I tend to do things the long complicated way but when he can he helps teach me a shortcut that makes everything easier. Because he has taught me many life lessons this helps me be more independent.

Pliscott and FFA has helped me become independent and good at doing my own work. One part of FFA is doing a supervised agricultural experience, this is where you plan a project that helps you get hands on experience with agriculture. Being my advisor, pliscott has helped me plan and prepare for my SAE. He has also pushed me to go to camps and conventions to meet new people and being more independent. Encouragingly, Pliscott has pushed me to meet new people and to try new things. I remember one time the chapter went to a mongolian grill and they had frozen octopus you could put in your noodles. Of course Pliscott threw it right in my bowl! It was the worst and best part of that trip. I tried something new and I found something that I really hated, octopus. Pliscott helped me be open about trying new things; that has pushed me to be willing to try new adventurous things. I also tend to be shy and don’t like meeting new people but I’m glad he pushes me to do so. Going to those camps and conventions has helped me make more friends from different schools and states. Being independent means that you want to show people that you can work hard and put your best work forward.

Mr. Pliscott is only happy with a project when he knows he put his best work forward. Being close with Pliscott has also made me want to always put my best work forward. My mom and grandma have always praised me on being good at putting my best work forward. Pliscott has taught me to keep working on a project until I'm confident in my work and I don't think that I could do any better. The past homecoming Pliscott had a big idea for the float, we worked for up to five days until we were at a place where we liked how the float turned out. This is just one example of how pliscott never quits until it looks and works good. Mr. Pliscott also has helped me learn many things and working hard is the most important.

My FFA advisor has taught me many life lessons that will help me, to be independent and talk to new people even when I’m scared. He has also showed and encouraged me to always put my best work forward. Pliscott has helped me experience FFA to its full potential and he has impacted my life in school the most so far. He is a very smart and wise person and I’m happy to he will continue to teach me and others many things. Even if he isn't always right that gives us one chance to teach him. When we were lost in the twin cities that was one of the best moments because we got to teach Mr. Pliscott and we had lots of fun memories.

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