The Skin I'm In

January 25, 2018
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So i went around my school and asked people, "what did you think of me when you first seen me?" Many people thought i was white ,others thought i was albino even some thought i was adopted because my mom is brown and im light.Isnt that funny ? who wouldve thought a black women can birth a black girl with such light pigment. Like thats so hard to believe.I have to be brown to be black? NO I love the skin im in.Ive been told "youre to light to be black" I didnt know i had to look a certain way to be who i am as a person.Many people asked me "why your skin so white but you got black people hair?" but what is black people hair? Thick? Hard to comb? Short? I didnt know my hair defined who i am as a person.Yes i am black , yes my skin is fair but it isnt fair i am labeled upon my skin i should be labeled based on who i am as a person.How could you judge me before i even open my mouth? I love the skin im in yes i am black yes i am a lightskinned black girl.Is that so hard to believe?But thank you if my complexion keeps your attention being black wasnt a choice or and intention.Yes i am black and there is no need for correction because i love the skin im in!

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