Roman Candles

January 29, 2018
By therealdenam BRONZE, White Heath, Illinois
therealdenam BRONZE, White Heath, Illinois
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So, if you’ve ever gotten fireworks, and i mean real fireworks, not that TNT crap, then you have probably heard of roman candles. If not, i’ll tell you what they are, they are long sticks that hold ten to twenty balls. You light the fuse and then, one by one, they will shoot out, they normally don’t explode, im talking about the projectiles here, now they CAN screech, crackle, float, and they can sometimes change direction altogether. So some people have made miniguns, gun styled frames, you name it. And you can also hold the stick and aim the candle. It was christmas all over again! Now, my experience with roman candles isn’t that good. The one time i got to hold a roman candle, it busted out the side. And i mean like HARD. i was holding it out right, and then it fizzled for a while and then it stopped. So i go you know, what the heck is going on here? So i’m turning it around, examining it and trying to find the cause of it stopping, and i hear the fuse light again, now here’s the funny part.

I was looking down the barrel.

So i smack the thing to the ground, and apparently you're not supposed to jerk the candle around cause it could damage it, but i didn’t realize that till the 15 candles inside were chasing me down. It was like that one scene from harry potter, but instead of a train it was a bunch of colorful balls Yea, my pants turned black after that (From the projectiles, not anything else). Everyone else was laughing at me, so i gave them the stop-laughing-or-i-will-come-over-there look. So that is my experience with roman candles. Hope you enjoy me getting hurt by my favorite thing to admire

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i remembered this from a night during 4th of july, so i decided to wright about it

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