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January 25, 2018
By HaileyN SILVER, Cannon Falls , Minnesota
HaileyN SILVER, Cannon Falls , Minnesota
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My mother used to be really overprotective. She would make me call her or text her whenever I went somewhere so that she knows that I made it there safely. An example would be whenever I went to Kressin's house, so all the time, I would have to walk in the door and text my mom right away. Otherwise, if I didn’t text her, she would start calling me like twenty times. However, I know that she does that because she loves me. This has actually really helped me become a more responsible person. In a way, to make sure that I am in the right spot. Throughout my whole life, my sweet mother, Stephanie N., is someone who has impacted my life the most. There are three main reasons of why my mother has significantly changed my life. They are that my mother always wanted me involved. She taught me a wonderful, useful skill; to bake. Lastly, my mom also has made me a better person overall.

My mom always wanted me to join activities. My mom would say to me “Always stay busy, otherwise, you’ll be bored.” The very first thing that she got me involved in was dance. I joined Just for Kix in first grade and I am very thankful because it had made me very flexible up until my last year of dance. Unfortunately, my dance hobby ended very recently, in sixth grade. The second thing that my mom got me involved with was Girl Scouts in second grade. Now, I was kind of forced to do Girl Scouts because my mom decided that she wasn’t busy enough in her life so she volunteered to be the Girl Scouts leader. Being the leader's daughter made me like the “helper.” When I was young I always felt like my mother wanted me to help with whatever she was doing. I actually did like helping her in the past because now it makes me want to help her around the house and even others at school. The last thing that she wanted me to join was softball in third grade, which surprisingly I am still in. Softball is one of those activities where you probably don’t want your child in because they will get hurt a lot. But that didn’t stop my mom from having me try this sport. Even though I did get hurt a lot, it has made me a stronger softball player ever since she told me to join. Although I have quit two out of the three things my mom got me involved in, I still stay active by trying new and different things.

Speaking of new things, the next thing that my mom has done that has changed my life is teaching me how to bake. My first time trying baking was when I was about twelve years old. I burnt my hand and dropped all the chocolate chip cookies, that I was working so hard on while baking. Which explains how my first time baking went. My mom wasn’t there at the time because I was home alone and bored. She then the next time I wanted to bake my mom taught me all the tips and tricks. The first thing she taught me to bake was sugar cookies. Those are now our favorite thing to bake around Christmas time. The tip for baking sugar cookies is to not make them too thin otherwise when you pick them up they will break. Another very important tip my mom taught me is for baking a cake, to make sure that the center is done you have to stick a toothpick in the center. Now that she taught me those she has taught me a lot other tips and tricks so I can make dinner for my family. So baking is just one of the examples of the new things that my mother has taught me. Also, baking is really great for when I'm older so that I can make dinner and treats for my future family.

The last thing that my mom has changed my life by making overall a better person. The first thing that I figured out that I was like her is how organized I am. She hasn’t done anything to teach or make me be organized. But I just kept seeing how overall she would be organized with everything. So then, when I could start cleaning my room myself, my room started to become really neat and my clothes became color coordinated. The second thing that my mom has helped me become a better person is by giving me confidence. She always believes in me and just thinks I should do my best no matter what. Whether I am taking a test or playing a sport. The last thing that my mother helped me be is outgoing. My mom loves to talk and I am not saying that this is a bad thing. She is just super friendly. But when I am with her and she is talking to someone I suddenly become really shy. However, when I am talking to my friends or a teacher I become more outgoing and not quiet. I really don’t know why, but when I am talking to my teacher I think of my mom and how friendly she is. Overall, all of these characteristics have helped me today, become myself.

Even though there are way more than three characteristics of how my mother has impacted my life, these three stand out to me the most. One of them is that she always wanted me involved in activities, which has helped me today so I stay fit and active. Next, she has taught me to be a wonderful cook/baker and in the future, that will help me cook for my family. Finally, she has me a better person overall, with many amazing traits. Steph will always be an amazing mom and she has impacted my life a lot through my years. I know she will also keep impacting my life, even when I go off to college. She is my role model and I will always look up to her, literally. And even when I don't make it to Kressin’s in a specific amount of time and then she gets a little too worried, I know she cares so much about her baby girl. If my mom was not here, nor would I be.

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