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January 25, 2018
By Carter11 BRONZE, Cannon Falls, Minnesota
Carter11 BRONZE, Cannon Falls, Minnesota
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My dad is very caring for me and my family, he will help us with just about anything whether it's building a model car (which he likes doing) or helping us out with painting the walls and sometimes doing the chores and so it means a lot that he helps us out all the time.My dad and i use to play football together,we would play catch outside for hours to help me get better at it, some days it would be pouring out and thundering but we would still play because it was fun and with the rain and me catching the ball it would help since the ball is wet and so are my hands and i would still catch it so I was pretty good at football.

Until i put vaseline on my hands because i saw it in a video where a guy put some vaseline on his hands and he caught it everytime and i wanted to try it, so I grabbed my dad and a football and some vaseline i put it on my hands and I told my dad to throw the football kinda hard and the first throw the ball managed to slide right threw my hands and hit my nose, my nose wouldn't stop bleeding so we went to the E.R. and they said it was broken and i didn't expect that answer since I was 8. Also some days instead of playing outside we would watch the football games on tv whether it was college or the NFL.

I still enjoyed watching it and when I was little i would study the vikings playbook because they did good when I was a kid and when i was in football I would tell the coaches some of the plays and sometimes he would use the the plays. I liked the run plays the most because i was running back and I wanted to run the ball as much as possible because I was really fast and I could juke out the defense really good, when I was subbed out at running back I would play wide receiver which is the person who runs routes and catches the ball and since my dad and I would play catch everyday I was really good at it.


I liked the college games more than the NFL games because the college games were a faster pase and I liked it and the games are way more intense in my opinion because from the TV the NFL games looked calm and chill and every play takes a lot of time to do while in college the plays go play after play and it was just faster and when I went to the gophers game it was really loud and intense but when I went to an NFL game there's way more people and it's way more louder than the college games but it's still intense. My dad and I would run the the plays that we did in football practice with my dad to see if I could get any better at them and I did from running a lot it seemed like I got faster and faster the more I ran and that helped since I was running back and wide receiver.My dad and I were very active together because to recap what I have already said is we would be outside together for hours we would walk around with heavy bags on on back from hunting and it was really fun. For everyday when I was in elementary school I remember my dad helping me with my homework, it really helped me out a lot because I didn't know all of the stuff and how to do it and so he helped me with it so I knew how to do it. My dad would help me study for a test so I could get a A on it and sometimes i did and sometimes I didn't but oh well.He would help me with most of the problems I had because he wanted me to do some of them to, but if I didn't get it he would help me with it so I could understand it and succeed in that kind of subject.

My dad would help me with my projects and my projects can be difficult especially for my age, he taught me how to do oil changes on a car and that's pretty hard for a ten year old. He would show me how to do it right and I have made quite a few mistakes while do it but I learned from it and now I don’t do it wrong, some other examples would be that he would help me paint fences because I use to to that for other people to get some money. He would help me out a lot by doing it with me because we kind of bond when we do it and it helps it go by so much faster so I really liked me dad helping me with that. So my dad has helped me with my whole life with projects or my homework and he would play catch with me outside for hours on hours to help me get better at it and we would study the NFL plays that we would run. My dad is important to me because he helps me when I need help and he is willing to give up hours of his day to help me out. When I am older I would like to be like my dad where if my kid needs help with anything I will help him, I will make sure he stays healthy so he can be good for football.

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