I Am a Sidekick

January 23, 2018
By Anonymous

No matter who it is my sister or my friends i’m always the one they go to. I give the best advice. They know i’m brutally honest if I have to be, that’s why they come to me. What if the advice isn’t good enough or the advice leads them to the wrong path? That’s the trick a sidekick can’t lead them to the wrong path because a sidekick is always with them. I help them along the way. If there was a bump in the path i’ll fix it.

I tend to be the uplifting, positive sidekick, that's why they come to me. When i’m helping them them with their plan they need encouraging so they don’t doubt themselves, that’s why i’m a sidekick. As long as they know i’m there for them and they are comforted they can go through with what their issue, that’s why they come to me.
But when a sidekick needs help. There are problems. A sidekick gives advice but it is too hard for them to listen to their own advice. Sidekicks doubt other peoples advice because they are so used to giving the advice so it’s good luck for the sidekicks!

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