Our Nose

January 23, 2018
By gieslak12 GOLD, Delafield, Wisconsin
gieslak12 GOLD, Delafield, Wisconsin
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The family nose, it is large and in charge. Me my father, brother, cousin, uncle and Grandfather all rep this iconic facial trait. It all started with my grandfather, his nose screamed for attention. It was the largest of them all. It starts as a largely protruding facial feature then with age begins to widen and add weight. Until Like rudolph it looks like a ball at the very tip. It is a distinct part of our family's image. A plump part of this family in more ways than a nose.

Lisa, my mother a softer sound, not as in your face as my father's. Married into the family, she sticks out like a sore thumb. Her nose is short and small. Nothing like ours. Lacking the ability to smell a fresh baked batch of cookies from a mile away. Her nose like many others does its job but is barely noticable. It rests on her face without a large flashing light. She has the name but lacks its most iconic trait. Yet she fits while her nose sits small and not a ball on her face. A plump part of this family in more ways than a nose.

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