Picture This

January 20, 2018

close your eyes and picture this: blonde hair, brown eyes, decent weight  glasses. that’s what you can see when you look at me. and by those things, you probably can assume that i’m just your average teenage girl. someone who goes to school , has some friends, has a basic middle class white family. but if you look a little harder... you’ll see things. the blonde hair, it reminds everyone of my moms hair. if my family looks at me , when they’re angry...they’ll see her in me . and point it out. the brown eyes, they’ve shed so many tears. witnessed one to many arrests , and an abusive relationship. my weight, always something i’ve struggled with. either being too heavy for my personal liking, or too thin in the doctor's opinion. the purple glasses , the first and only ones i’ve ever owned. i couldn’t see the board my whole fifth grade year, but my mom... didn’t believe me. my grandparents got me these ones, and now 3 years later, the prescription is old and they give me a constant headache , but money is tight recently...so i don’t complain. i do have a middle class white family, i do go to school, and i do have some friends. but now , after reading this. picture me. i’m still the same girl, so why do you not see the same girl?

The author's comments:

Wrote about how I feel inside, how I live my daily life knowing how I am viewed.

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