January 18, 2018
By EunisaLacey BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
EunisaLacey BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
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To Merriam-Webster dictionary, the hands are the terminal parts of the vertebrate forelimb, modified as the grasping organ. To me, they are what I used to let you go. To my mom, they are what she used to hold me close. To my grandma, they were the last things she held to her soulmate. And to my grandpa, they are what brought him out of poverty. Hands provide to us much more than a physical use. To each individual, a definition of their own. For my definition, they are a sign of a problem, the sign of a heartbreak and the sign of life.

On a daily basis, hands are used as they are normally defined. They make the coffee, make the bed, type the spreadsheets and wash the dishes. To most, they hold no special meaning, other than that which is used to accomplish their paper, the chores and to conquer their job. These hands that we take for granted, have cherished our life's with many memories. Memories of watching children grow old, rings being placed upon fingers and saying “I Do”, and couples, sitting on the porch, drinking ice tea and serenading life.

Starting with nothing, Jesus Torres worked his way into the United States with only the clothes on his back, determined to achieve his one goal in life: To have an honest, better life. Other than that of which he was brought up in. Mexican restaurant after Mexican restaurant he proceeded to build and conquer, providing for himself and his newly gained family. Hands to him, are defined as determination, hard work and a way to a better life. My grandpa is Jesus Torres, and him, along with other hard working individuals, represent the definition of hands as having a problem, and achieving a goal.

Put up your thumb, index finger and pinkie finger while keeping your ring finger and your middle finger down. Hold the hand out, palm facing away from you and move it back and forth slightly. This is one way to say “I love you” with your hands. The way my grandma said “I love you” to my grandpa was by holding his hand. Not only was she his support system, but she his soulmate. The day that he passed away, the last thing she held to him was his hand. She felt the last breath leave his body. At the age of 56 years old, my grandpa passed away, leaving his last touch with his soulmate. My mom said “I love you” to me by caressing me, moving the hair from my face, feeding me, putting on my backpack before school, and wiping away my tears when I needed her the most. The simple motherly touch, in the best of times, could make the world a clearer place. Her touch was the way she conveyed her love with her hands. Love, to these strong women, is their definition of hands.

The last thing I did to forget about my love, was to rip his letter in pieces. After the months and year that my hands had invested in heartwarming texts, loving letters, life time worth gifts and support to his most absurd ideas, were all left behind in a pile of a ripped up letter. My hands did that to let you go. They let me rip away the harm that had been done to my heart. My definition of hands is heartbreak. As I was left to pick up the broken pieces of my heart, my hands empowered me once again, to rebuild and regain what I had once lost.

Although these are the only given examples, life has brought to us many more definitions of hands that we live by everyday. Music was brought to our ears, by early men that showed us that a simple hand stroke across a wooden guitar can create such a harmonious sound. Nature brought to many the beauty of planting. We learned that the soft touch of dirt and water on earth can create such a beautiful masterpiece. Art brings to us the light to see the world in new eyes. Hands bring us a diversity in the subjects that roam the earth. Hands, a simple word once, now I hope has a deeper meaning to you. For hands were once just hands, but are now life. What's your definition?

The author's comments:

Love began as my inspiration for writing about the definition of hands. Watching my grandma lose her soulmate, really made me focus on what hands truly do for us. As I was writing, the definitions continued to grow, and sooner than later I had a defenition for all the events in my life. I hope that people can create their own definition of hands after reading my article. Hands are not just hands, they are life.

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