Recipe for a Best Friend

January 18, 2018
By samk33 GOLD, Oconomowoc, Wisconsin
samk33 GOLD, Oconomowoc, Wisconsin
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-Truckload of trust
-Heaps of stupid inside jokes
-Pocketful of memories with their family
-A shoulder to lean on
-4 slices of pointless fights
-A sprinkle of admitting you’re wrong
-An acre of love
-8 whispers of secrets
-A dollop of trouble 
-Mountain of memories

In order to have a best friend, you will first need to develop a mountain of memories including heaps of inside jokes and a dollop of trouble. Once the two are mixed together you will have formed a truckload of trust between you two. On top of that mixture, add in a pocketful of memories with your best friend’s family. It’s important to bond with them too. Combine 8 whispers of secrets on top and continue blending together. One shoulder to lean on is needed when things don’t go quite as planned. The hardest thing to blend with the mixture will be 4 slices of pointless fights, but don’t worry once you’ve done that the only thing left to add is a sprinkle of admitting you’re wrong. Your friend is worth more than a stupid fight. Finally to top the friendship off, add an acre of love to let your friend know you are always there. This friendship you have created is good for a lifetime with no expiration date.

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