Eyes of a Family

January 18, 2018
By samk33 GOLD, Oconomowoc, Wisconsin
samk33 GOLD, Oconomowoc, Wisconsin
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Everybody in my family has different eyes. My father’s eyes are deep green like an evergreen tree. And me, my eyes are sad. They are a mix of green and brown, not much excitement. My sister’s eyes are pale green like a new leaf on a maple tree come Spring. My brother’s eyes are brown, fierce like the roar of a grizzly bear.


But my mother’s eyes, my mother’s eyes are light blue Caribbean water, soft and smooth to the touch, sweet to look into when she’s comforting you, comforting you and you feel protected, they are the warm sand between your toes while laying on the beach, satisfying and pleasing. They match her warm skin that embraces you after a hard day. They are like birds chirping at the sound of Spring. The blue Caribbean water, birds chirping and my mother’s comforting blue eyes.

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