I Am an Ocean

January 17, 2018
By melon14 GOLD, Waukesha, Wisconsin
melon14 GOLD, Waukesha, Wisconsin
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I can never make a decision. I’m so bad that people get angry with me. Just like the ocean, it constantly sends waves to the shore then retreats back like it is afraid of the sand. It acts like it can’t decide if it wants to go onto land or if it wants to stay in the wide open. The ocean is home to many animals. It supports them and comforts them, providing them a home. The ocean is all that the animals know, and the ocean holds them and cherishes them, just like a girlfriend would. I am a girlfriend to a boy for over a year. My job is to hold him when he is sad, be there for him when he needs to vent, and make sure he is happy and has everything he needs. We are all that each other know and we cherish each other. Even though the ocean provides these things, it can also follow directions. Based on mother nature, the ocean can be calm and gentle or it can be ferocious and wild. In a storm, it is bumpy and treacherous. Like an ocean, I am a daughter who follows orders and listens to my dad. We get into fights and I can be wild and ferocious just like an ocean. We can also shower each other with love and I will be calm and gentle. Two different sides to me. I am an ocean.

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