Recipe for a Night to Remember

January 17, 2018
By irbarth GOLD, Hartland, Wisconsin
irbarth GOLD, Hartland, Wisconsin
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makes one serving

- Bucket of good friends
- A few years of trust, and shared memories
- One available Friday night (Saturdays are a possible substitute)
- One minivan, ideally borrowed from someone’s mom
- Dash of CD’s with all of the latest jams
- One carport phone charger everyone has to share
- Collection of debit cards
- Generous heaping of shopping spots
- Sprinkling of fast food stops and/or bathroom breaks
- Feeling of teenage rebellion, to taste

1) Allow the good friends to marinate in the trust and memories for a few years before completing the rest of this recipe. Signs they are ready for the next steps include inside jokes, shared secrets, and genuine enjoyment of one another’s company.

2) Cram the friends into the minivan on the night of choice, and add the CD’s and teenage rebellion, before setting off on your adventure. (note: terrible off key singing may begin at this stage; this is normal and will not affect the quality of your recipe so long as you choose to join in.)

3) Use the phone charger constantly, rotating among friends, possibly adding a splash of bickering over who gets to use it next.

4) Combine the Debit cards with the shopping locations and fast food stops. Mix well, knowing that you’ll probably regret burning off an entire paycheck in one night, but hey, who cares at this point? You live in the moment.

5) Repeat step four until exhaustion occurs, at which point repeat a couple more times, anyway.

6) Drop every friend back home, knowing that they won’t forget the time you shared, either.

WARNING: Depending on the circumstances, completion of recipe may result in angry parents. Prepare for this result with extreme caution.

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