Sacramento, My Home

January 16, 2018
By KingKazma BRONZE, Sacramento, California
KingKazma BRONZE, Sacramento, California
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In Sacramento, people all look nice and the places like restaurants, business building and parks that are all clean and calm. The climate over in Sacramento is hot or cold the depends what season it is. When its winter it is cold and it's not that sunny. But when it's in the middle of the night it is very cold during the winter. When it's summer it is mostly sunny and bright and very hot. We have fancy nice houses with multiple rooms and two or three bathrooms and with three or four floors.

In Sacramento, this is just a fairytale for people. Some of the parks aren't always clean it is usually being littered from parties, picnics, and kids that throw trash on the ground. When it's summer it is always burning hot that you will need some ice on your face because you are sweating so much. When its winter it is always gonna be freezing cold every night when you sleep if you keep your windows open. The truth with houses is that is there is four or lower numbers of bedrooms, some only have two or one bathrooms, and there is up to one or two floors.
The problems is that there is some violence between gangs and random people on the streets. We are also near the rivers that is connected to the ocean so if a strong storm comes and breaks the levees that are holding back the water currents and if it doesn't hold it will mostly flood the whole city if we get the time to evacuate in time we will be safe from the water currents. There are some forest fires because of droughts they could spread across forest and even over rivers.

The conclusion is that  there is some problems time to time. If there is a problem we could take care of it, we are always on the lookout for problems and trouble. It might look small but we have a diverse city many different types of races. Even if we don't have good houses,they are built for the types of problems we have over here.

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