Oak Park, My Home

January 16, 2018
By coldhearted.milagros BRONZE, Sacramento , California
coldhearted.milagros BRONZE, Sacramento , California
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" Prayed for better days but ain't better days coming" - MOZZY

Oak Park is full of appealing sights. It has beautiful scenery of bright green trees, nice freshly mowed lawns, houses that stand out with a eye catching color, and kind neighbors greeting you when you step outside for a fresh breath of air. In the morning your awaken to the noise of birds chirping and neighbors greeting each other good morning. At night, the crickets are chirping nearby and the streets are as calm as the cool air breeze. What else could you ask for? It’s a great neighborhood to call your home. You’ll never want to leave this place. 

Wait… You really thought everything I said was true? I really hate to break this to you, but everything I just told you is false. I lived on the street 4th avenue. It’s known for having famous rappers being raised there. For example Timothy Patterson who’s known for his musician name as “Mozzy”. There are a variety of scents in Oak Park. The odor of marijuana, smoke being ejected into the air from cars, and garbage cans full of liter. Kids from all different ages are exposed to the violence that Oak Park offers. The trees are dead, something similar to a scary cartoon movie. Once in a while the grass will be mowed but only when it’s close to dying and rodents start to move in. Houses that were once full of a bright color are now filled with dust that begin piling up, and old bullet hole slowly rusting giving it the appearance of an abandoned house. Neighbors shouting back and forth, “GET  OUT OF MY LAWN YOU LITTLE BASTARDS!” You think for a minute, “ Has the yelling stopped?” but seconds later they’re back at it again. The nights get even worse. The sound of cars speeding by with loud music booming from there cars, Police helicopters flying over houses looking for the next criminal in the streets, and dogs barking as a people pass by, Kids from all different ages being influenced by current gang bangers that inspire them to smoke blunts and pop pills.

Oak Park is the best place if you really want to see some crazy things and experience violence but please listen to me when I tell you this and take it as advice: DON’T LIVE HERE!  You will regret it with a deep passion and you’ll wish you NEVER walked into this neighborhood.

The author's comments:

I hope my article helps others realize that not all neighborhoods are the same.

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