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Meadowview My Home

January 16, 2018
By Rinathagoon BRONZE, Sacramento, California
Rinathagoon BRONZE, Sacramento, California
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Meadowview is full of peace. Everybody knows each other and compliments everybody.There is nobody without a job.You can see birds flying and chirping in the trees.Everyday is sunny and bright and when you arrive to Meadowview you become one of the perfect civilians.Everybody has a place to live and good food to eat.

Well it's time for honesty Meadowview is nothing like that. Meadowview has prostitutes on some corners, people dealing drugs, little kids dying over being in the middle of the gunfire.If you are walking down some of the streets you will see a lot of garbage.Chip bags that just been thrown there, used condoms on the lawns by the sidewalk, and major gang violence.You also see bums pushing baskets with their property inside.You also can spot bums sleeping on vacant building lots.I personally can't wait to move out of Meadowview.This has been my neighborhood for some years but it's time for a change.

Meadowview has multiple problems.For instance gang violence been rising in my neighborhood.The people using drugs is horrific.It's not all that bad though it just depends on how some people view it.There is also violence all through out the neighborhood.People have their own perspective some may say they would never visit my neighborhood.Some people would just see it for what it once was and it wouldn't bother them.Meadowview has its problems but every neighborhood does.Meadowview can make you question if your still alive or not sometimes.I asked some people for their opinion on my neighborhood. Alyessa who is 17 says “ There is violence but where isn't there violence nowadays”. Jamie who is 34 explained “ I seen a number of people get shot, get into fights, and a little kid knocked out for not giving up his new phone he got for christmas.Clarissa who is now 67 says “ Meadowview used to be so peaceful I just don't know what happened.” So therefore Meadowview used to be a nice neighborhood and it still is.Some of the people are just making it a scary place to be a times.

Meadowview can be scary and nice my advice to you is keep your kids near and make sure all of your doors are locked.

The author's comments:

This auto-I narrative is about my neighborhood.I hope people know that every neighborhood is unique

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