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January 16, 2018
By ConceitedLayy BRONZE, Sacramento, California
ConceitedLayy BRONZE, Sacramento, California
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My Sacramento is a great place to live. My neighborhood, Oak Park, is the a cool place to be because it is very beautiful and has very big houses and nice big parks and people get along really well and people party along outside of there house and there are very giving and helpful people around there I have plenty of friends around my neighborhood  and I get along with them all and they are nice to me.

So now, lets be for real some of those things I just said wasnt all so true, walking around Sacramento or driving around sometimes you really see a lot trees but in my neighborhood of g parkway it's really ghetto a lot of people sit around outside of there house and smoke alot and they fight a lot they don't respect themselves. I feel like their parents don't even care. When I walk home from school, I see a lot of kids that sit at the corner and smoke and gang bang and ditch school sometimes it kinda hurts me and make me feel some type away because all   those kids can have something to do in the future.

I remember one day i was with my cussins late at night walking to a party around 7:30 at night and while we was at that party all those kids was smoke and twerking and drinking and everything and i didnt feel comfortable so i stayed outside till my cussins was ready to go , long story short the party was over and everybody that was at the party was walking to walmart and mind you that party had a lot of people and so the police was coming and i got so scared and so everyone started to run behind walmart. I was really scared so iIcalled my mom and told my mom on my cousins and she came to get us and they get in trouble and every since then we never go outside or going to party like that. In my hood people don't care about some things that they do and dont think before they do it like a couple of months ago my cousins Tamir had died in oakpark the the big  park by my granny house he was running really fast and ran and ran and this guy just sat there and shot him right in his back and he dropped and i ran in the house and told my garnny but at the same time i always blame myself for his death  because i could of been told my grandma about it while it he was running but when i was watching it was like to real  to be true to me , and i  was just sitting watching it was so sad to me and yes i was really hurt but at the same time, it's like people don't care about others which is sad.

But this is about my Sacramento life. It's not always to good or perfect in my neighborhood but in my choices i don't like leaving here , but i advise you to make a good choices where u  stay.

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This is my article about my neighborhood.

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