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January 11, 2018
By Oinky BRONZE, Santa Monica, California
Oinky BRONZE, Santa Monica, California
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I woke up ran downstairs and opened my presents. Then everyone else woke up. Sadly it came to the end like everything. For the least present I opened, it really merrily knowing that it is going to be something really good. It turned out to be a drone! I was so excited it was my first drone ever. It was a Sharper Image Stunt Drone. It was small so you didn't need any type of license or anything. My dad put the blade guards on the drone then I charged it, sadly it takes about a hour to charge I wasn't very excited about that. I felt like it took forever to charge! I was getting a little frustrated. I was literally about to unplug it and just try it out. I looked at my other presents meanwhile like my new shoes, candy and my clothes stuff like you normally get for Christmas. Then I looked over at my drone. Finally, it was charged and everything changed.

I couldn't wait! I quickly unplugged it and turned it on. It had LED light so I knew which was the front and back. The front had while light, the back had red lights. I paired it with the remote and started to fly it. Of course since this was my first drone in all I crashed into pretty much everything. I scratched up the blade guard but hey, you know thats what its for to protect the blades. After a bit of flying it and crashing it, the lights started to flash. I didn’t know what was happening so I kept flying like normal. Then it came down, I thought I accidently hit the autoland button. I tried to make it go back up and fly again but it didn't. I got pretty scared thinking I just got my first ever drone and it's already broke. Then my dad said, “It died, go charge it”. Then of course, I did.
I played with my drone everyday. Eventually we went in front of my school outside. So I could fly it up higher I couldn't wait. I went outside and then, flew it. I started flying it low then gradually higher and higher. Until, it was up pretty high. There was a auditorium to the left a bit it was a big building. My drone was up that high. I forgot that well, it's pretty windy up high. So while I was flying my drone, the wind came. My drone went to the left and next to me is my mom and dad. All the sudden my dad yells,” BRING IT BACK OVER HERE!” I replied, “I AM TRYING IT ISN'T COMING BACK”. I tried everything! I tried to land it, autoland it, bring it back towards us, towards the street and still nothing.

Well, can you guess what happened? Yep. It went on top of the the auditorium. My dad was so mad and confused you would never believe it. Then both my mom and dad said, “ Try again, try to bring it back”. Sadly, on the top of the auditorium there was a lip over the edge so nothing could fall off. Well this sucked. We never got the drone off the roof, IT WAS STUCK THERE. We tried everyday to get my drone back. We told the school, maintenance everyone who could possibly help. Well there response,” It's too dangerous that building is unsafe”. I later on learned that that place was really old and unsafe, they were going to tear it down in spring break. Well at this point I knew it was gone.

The next year (2017) for Christmas I got a new drone. This one is strictly for indoors only. I never want that to happen again! Till this day (2018) my drone is still there. I will never ever forget this. I will never let that happen again!

The End

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