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January 11, 2018
By tmwings BRONZE, Decatur, Illinois
tmwings BRONZE, Decatur, Illinois
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Before I left the house for school I never expected such a dark day to be so sunny or filled with the sound of laughter from friends.  I guess God just didn't want me to feel so alone on that day.  The day slowly ticks by when around sixth period I peek at my phone during the lesson and while I'm scrolling thru the notifications I see 3 hearts pop up and the word “Mom”. The text reads, “Dad and I will pick you up early, have a great day baby bear.”  At the time I didn't think much of it then “yay I'm getting out of school early!”  Right before study hall started the static of the overcome comes on and the words that rip through my ears are “Trevor W., please come to the office.” I swing my backpack over my shoulders and start my way.  I see my mom standing in the doorway ready to take me somewhere.  When she signs me out and we walk outside I ask “What's wrong?” and she said, “You're not in trouble but I'll tell you when we get in the car.”  My grandma had pasted that morning.

The visitation was in 2 days and my mom said that I could miss the rest of the week because we would be so busy.  We went to the visitation the night before to help the church put out flowers and help set up.  The visitation rolls around and it's just weird seeing so many people cry and laugh at the same time.  I saw a lot of my friends there helping me get through it.  Another thing I couldn't stand is seeing my beautiful grandma lay there in peace and stare at her without her seeing me or smiling back.

The day that I never wished would come but always knew it would happen, the funeral.  I got dressed in a nice suit and headed on our way.  When it started and everybody starting sharing memories with each other I've never wanted something to get over with so quickly, so that I could just go in my room and be alone.  But being with people definitely helped, even if I didn't want to admit it. As we carry the casket into the hertz and we start to leave for the graveyard, gravity took the tears out of my eyes harder than it has ever done before.  As we arrive and everybody gets out of the car the chill wind whips you in the face and keeps you awake.  Standing next to the 6-foot hole everything got so real, so quick and I finally realized that it was all over.  All the great times with her playing checkers and dominoes every time I go over there.  But I will forever cherish the memories.

After we were all done with the funeral we all went back to the Church in Mt. Zion and had a big get together and ate food and connected with family.  A very hard and sad time.  I never realized that in a time so dark, when no light seems available, all you need is people by your side to make you feel good again.  I have no living grandparents now, but I do have some wonderful memories of both my grandmas.  I am very thankful for that.

The author's comments:

This essay inspired me and drug me into writing it because my grandma and I were very close and this event devastated me. Something told me to share my story and help show people dealing with this problem that they are not alone, also to celebrate life and be happy that you were an impact in their life.

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