My Dad

January 11, 2018
By Development3 BRONZE, Macon, Illinois
Development3 BRONZE, Macon, Illinois
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My childhood started semi-normal. Had a loving father and mother, well that was until he took me away. See my father clouded me, made me think he was the good one. He decided to make me think that my mom was the monster, that she never cared. So one night he got fed up, decided I was his kid and took me away. We lived in Bloomington at the time, he took me and we moved out to San Diego. I was a 2-year-old boy and right before my eyes, witnessed my family tore apart. Life in San Diego was normal. I was too young to realize my dad had started doing drugs. Getting wasted every night, I just kept ignoring it. After 3 years we moved to Spring Valley IL. This is when I started realizing who my father truly was.

My brother decided to move back into the household, he got to share a room with me, which he wasn't so fond of.  We would always argue about who got to play Xbox, which is where we started bonding. Playing games all night and having so much fun. Well later that week, my father had been arrested. He was arrested for drunk driving. So my mom, who I hadn't seen in close to 4 years now. She arrived and took me to Blue Mound IL. I was the new kid, constantly got made fun of. Through the years I’d fit in, all the while never hearing from my dad. Just recently in the last 2 years, he disowned one of my brothers. That was the final straw, that’s uncalled for.  This would change my vision of my father, forever.

The author's comments:

This is a personal story about my father and how my view of him has changed throughout my life.

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