Fish Smoothie

January 10, 2018
By ShadowBone SILVER, Calera, Alabama
ShadowBone SILVER, Calera, Alabama
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When I was about five years old, I had two important lessons about life, everything in life comes to an end and everything has a chance of survival in its natural habitat. It was an average day in Gadsden, Alabama. I was living with my mother, brother, and my pets, but, most importantly, the beta fish.

The beta, whose name has escaped me, was a beautiful dark blue male with dark purple tinges. His round, clean fish bowl, where he swam in circles all day and fascinated my young, small mind, sat on a counter right above the kitchen sink.

Before I tell you the main part of this tale, keep in mind I had not watched Finding Nemo yet. My small, pitiful mind thought the poor creature was drowning, as it swam in circles; the entire day it had been living in the bowl. The next thing, that popped in my mind, set this story into action: I should save him or he might start drowning.
Equipped with the improper net I required, a sock, I set off into the kitchen, intent on saving the tiny, poor soul trapped underwater. My eyes gazed up at the bowl, wondering: how would I be able to reach the victim? My brain, a little sharper than anticipated, caught an idea.

Quickly, I scrambled to the dining room and pulled up a chair, to the glass bowl, where the poor fish swam, aimlessly. I, now had access to the small tank, without having to move it anywhere and possibly, causing it to fall. My face twisted into a happy grin as I dunked my sock into the fishbowl, trapping the poor creature as it was lifted from the water.

Although, my plan had not gone as unnoticed, as intended. My mother, who was a bit thick at the time, walked through the hallway and caught sight of my shenanigans. She tried to hurry over and save the puny, writhing creature; yet, it was too late. By the time she reached me, I had turned on the kitchen disposal and threw the sock, fish included, into the drain, where a loud shredding noise was heard before it shut off and the sink clogged up.

Eventually, I got a new fish, but by then I had, not only, learned that fish had gills but, that the fish died a tragic death. Now, I have learned that everything, in this wor dies, whether it’s full intent or a mere accident, such as the unlucky beta. Additionally, I learned that creatures can only have a chance at survival when they respirate in their own habitat.

The author's comments:

This is what happened, supposedly, when i was little.

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