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True to Self

January 14, 2018
By AJTheGreat BRONZE, Brooklyn, New York
AJTheGreat BRONZE, Brooklyn, New York
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I was expecting this break to be me just exceling my grades. But, it has become something beyond that. I have done something really stupid that had the potential to lead to my downfall. But, instead it emphasized and enhanced the fact that my aspirations will happen. I don't regret what I did because I have become more mature from it and I have realized my duality (AJ & Jeremiah).  I'm very self-aware and due to that I truly can tell that I have become more mature over it. I accept the fact that I'm not normal. That I'm not someone who has an abundance of best friends. I accept the fact that I have to face immense mental adversity that makes me hate my life every once in a while. I accept who I am. I have a vision of success and I have an abundance of ambition in order to pursue it. Truth is whoever knows the real me, wouldn't be capable of disliking me. Cause of my charisma, as well as the fact that I’m Open-minded, Intelligent, Wise, Observant, Mature, Self-disciplined, Attentive and when necessary strong-willed. At the end of the day I have given up falling for girls except for one. Because at the end of the day a good amount of them are blind towards my beauty and less mature than me. The truth is my fashion sense is impeccable and my hair is magnificent. I know that I am handsome and that my future holds beautiful women. This break has made me realize to not question if my aspirations will happen or not. Cause my path is unlike any other that I know about. This break also emphasized to not to look at how big the mountain is. Just think about the current steps towards the top. Also, the duality of me is that Jeremiah faces the relentless mental adversity. He sees the beauty of life and desires to obtain it. He establishes the aspirations. AJ on the other hand has the power and is unstoppable when it comes to his aspirations. AJ has ambition/ a vision and manifest the steps necessary. Furthermore, I have realized that I smile from now on in the face of adversity because I realize the bigger reason behind it. I realize that the adversity that I have gone through and will go through is only making me stronger and excelling me to where I need to be in order to achieve my aspirations. I have realized that the only way that I can be defeated/ oppressed by someone is if I allow it. Is if I submit to it and due to me acknowledging that I can’t be defeated. I have learned that if someone tries to run a sledge hammer through my life and gnaw me into a sunken place. I will awake the relentless force within me and wouldn’t allow for that person to oppress me.

AJ: Ambitious, Intelligent, Unstoppable, Observant, Self-disciplined, Open-minded, Wise, Mature, Attentive and when necessary strong-willed

Jeremiah: Complex, Realistic, Imaginative, Spontaneous, Curious and has a big heart

Both: Handsome, Masculine, Loyal, Passionate, Sincere, Visionary, Unique, Independent, Considerate, Self-aware, Trustworthy

The author's comments:

AJ is what they call me at school, while Jeremiah is my name that I'm called outside of school. Also, just for those who need to hear it, high school is superficial! Plus, friends who don't value you aren't worth having!

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