Why I Maintain My Cultural Roots

January 9, 2018
By thoughtfulessness GOLD, Salem, New Hampshire
thoughtfulessness GOLD, Salem, New Hampshire
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I believe that it is important to sustain my cultural roots. Simply, they define who I am. My roots influence much of what I do. What do I wear? What do I eat? Do I watch football or soccer?

My cultural roots also act as support; they provide a foundation of my beliefs. For instance, my family for generations has always been religious, believing strongly in Roman Catholicism. Naturally, as I grew up, I went to weekly Sunday masses, but I also worked closely with my parish as a regular volunteer, and I taught religious education to young children throughout high school. When the college selection process began, I gravitated towards a Catholic college. My family taught me to be close to my faith, and as I grow older, I appreciate the continuity my faith gives me.

Besides cultural roots influencing my decisions, I value my roots because they allow me to understand others better. When I see someone wearing a certain outfit or eating something I would typically dismiss, I respect the differences.

Everyone is unique, and our cultural roots are what makes us shine.

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