Sacramento, My Home

January 9, 2018
By yvng.maria SILVER, Sacramento, California
yvng.maria SILVER, Sacramento, California
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My Sacramento is a nice, beautiful place everyone wants to come to visit. There is a lot of history in our city you’ll learn from. Sacramento is a city of trees, why does that matter you may ask? Well let me tell you, everywhere you go there's a smell of trees, nature that everyone enjoys to smell wherever you go there it is, in the mornings the smell of flowers while the sun is rising. Everywhere you go there's polite people who will have no problem if you ask them a question. It's a wonderful city, wonderful food, and there's no traffic. If you don't have anyone to take you somewhere there's transportation allowed to everyone. There’s also Ubers and Lifts which are cars that will pick you up right in front of your door no need to walk anymore. Just press a button and boom! Your there no need to walk its great! The climate here in sacramento is the best why you may ask well, we have lots of sunny day 269 day with sunshine that you'll enjoy. Last but not least, there is all type of races and cultures living here and there's lots of things you'll enjoy seeing I promise. For example, beautiful park, the state fair that people all over the counties come too. Places to go dance, restaurants with awesome service and great smokey, warm food that with your eyes your already saying it's delicious and there's way more stuff.

Well not everything is so great. Yes, its has good stuff but it also has bad stuff that people don't really enjoy. For example the smell of weed when you go out with the family there’s people smoking right in front of you not considering if you have children with you. I'm really sure you wouldn't  want your child smell the smell of weed or seeing people smoke because you'll think that's a bad influence I hate to tell you but that's how it is. The weather is good in a part that we have sunny days but its so hot trust you you will want to have not that many sunny days at time we reach a weather above 100 degrees ferinhight. At those times you feel like your dying and you need to keep hydrated. Traffic there's a lot of it that takes longer to take where you wanna go to. There several car crashes monthly its not good.

The park many people enjoy going there with their kids so their kids have a fun time. Grown ups enjoy running or walking in the mornings, but not everything is great. When ever you go to the park you have to watch out for gangs and you go knowing you could get shot not fun. Your life can be done just by how you look or what your wearing. I'm not done there's violence fights in schools sometimes their not safe but we they try the best.
Not every place is perfect but i love sacramento and its has a very special place in my heart.

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What inspires me to write about this the fact that alot of people believe that something is so great but in reality is something else.

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