Sacramento My Home

January 9, 2018
By heffrondrive17 BRONZE, Sacramento , California
heffrondrive17 BRONZE, Sacramento , California
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My Sacramento is the most beautiful place in the state of California. I live in a neighborhood where it’s nice and quiet and full with different types of trees. When I go outside by the driveway, I look up and it’s like a roof made of leaves. The food here is incredible tasting so good with it’s smell that makes you think the food is already going to be delicious., The buildings with its different shapes, and lights light up so bright in the night downtown. Sacramento is one of the places you’d would like to visit with all the good things we have here.

Sacramento does have so many great things, however, not everything in here is as good as it seems. There are some areas and streets where sometimes you just wish you wouldn’t want to pass by. There are areas where there’s too much violence and poverty. Not all neighborhoods have beautiful trees and its peacefulness, in some neighborhoods you hear gunshots and rude people all over. In most parks, there’s people smoking and homeless people sleeping in the floor or the benches. There are stores that look abandon with the building looking dirty all around with the walls covered in graffiti. To be honest, sometimes I get this sad feeling looking at all this and wishing I wasn't living in Sacramento.

Some issues that the city is facing is poverty and racism. People should be aware that there are some streets that are dangerous with violence, places with abandoned cars with broken windows and the car looking like it was in a car crash. Too much gang violence going on in different neighborhoods, I always here on the news about someone being shot to death. I lived in an area where there was old white guy that lived next door that kept yelling at black people calling them names and all those cruel words, being so racist. When I walked through the streets in downtown, some areas smell like marijuana, makes me want to cover my nose and close my eyes from the strong and horrible scent. All in all, Sacramento is facing some issues that the community does need to fix.

Even though Sacramento is facing some issues at the moment, I still consider Sacramento my home because home is where I grew up in and where I am with family.

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This article talks about Sacramento and its pros and cons about the place. I also talk about how Sacramento is considered my home.

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