A Change in Life

January 9, 2018
By Torey28 BRONZE, Franklin , Wisconsin
Torey28 BRONZE, Franklin , Wisconsin
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It all went down on the last day of December very early in the morning. From yelling, to tears running down everyone's faces. It was the worst day of my life.

December 31st 2013
Might light was on and I didn’t even know it. It wasn’t until my grandpa tried shaking me awake that i finally woke up to him saying the same thing to me over and over again.
“Torey, your grandma is having a heart attack.”
I lept out of my bed so fast I don’t think I hit a single step coming down. I ran into my grandparents room and saw my grandpa slowly picking my grandma up from the bed and laying her gently on the ground. He looked at me and said,
“Call 911.”
I grabbed the house phone and quickly dialed, but it didn’t work. My grandpa was was giving her CPR and while I was searching for his phone. I finally found it after seconds of looking which felt like hours. Time felt slow and life didn’t seem real. I quickly dialed when I had ahold of the phone and it patched through. A lady answered.
“911 what’s your emergency.”
“My grandma is having a heart attack.”
My voice was surprisingly calm but I knew I needed to be calm in order for the information to get through faster and for them to get to our house sooner. Once I was done giving the lady the information I quickly called my dad. It was about 3:30 in the morning at the moment and I really didn’t think he would’ve answered. But luckily god was watching over and he answered. I told him what happened and he hung up the phone and ran over as fast as he could. He came in yelling.
“Did you call 911? Where is she? Watch for them.”
I pointed him to the back room and the dog was in the way so I had to lead him into my room. Five to ten minutes went past and once again feeling like an extended amount of time. Finally the ambulance showed up, then the police, then the fire men. My dad ran to the door and guided them into the back of the house where my grandma was lying. Everyone was directed out of the room and by that time my step mom was up and standing in the kitchen. The doctors and medics were in back using the defibrillator pads and yelling,
“Clear, clear, clear.”
I sat on the couch in the living room with my stepmom on my right and my dad to the left. I held my knees to my chest tightly and had huge tears rolling down from my eyes. I folded my hands together and started to pray. Pray that she would be okay and make it through this. That it wouldn’t be anything too bad. My grandpa was sitting at our kitchen table talking to a police officer. I was sitting on the couch for a good 10-15 minutes. Then the police officer called me over and asked me a few questions.
“So have you noticed anything odd lately with your grandma?” he said.
“No,” I said.
A few questions later and eventually a doctor came out. He walked slowly and tilted his head down. He stood in front of us and waited a few seconds.
“I’m sorry,” he said.
“But Susan has passed away.”

I sat in shock and it took a few minutes to sink in. My eyes bulged and tears came flooding out. It was the worst day of my entire life. I didn’t eat and wouldn’t sleep for 3 days. A lot has happened to me since then and I’ve changed. I don’t know how to explain how I’ve changed. I just don’t care anymore and I can’t love anymore really either. It’s like a piece of my heart was taken out of me. I did everything with my grandma. I lived with her for 9 years. It was like having a parent taken away. It’ll be 4 years in december but on some days it feels like it just happened. This has taught me a life lesson to never take anyone I care about for granted and never hold a grudge because you never know the last time you’ll see them.

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