Sacramento, My Home

January 9, 2018
By famouspavii BRONZE, Sacramneto, California
famouspavii BRONZE, Sacramneto, California
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My Sacramento is beautiful city also it’s a capital of california. This city never sleeps.There is over 285 days of sunshine that means you get to do more outdoors activities .There is 3 major freeways. People’s average income is $80,000. It’s a comfortable life . In the morning  you watch the sun rays playing around with the golden colors. City itself is nature beauty . There is lots of hiking trails. Lots of trees makes it feel fresh and alive. On the weekend I go to downtown where everyone else goes to have good time . You can find anything in downtown. Downtown is the central hub and heart beat of Sacramento . Histrionic building are surrounded downtown .Known as old Sacramento . Sacramento has some nice museum

My sacramento has good side but there is bad side too . I live in florin road . Busy as a bee .Homeless people everywhere  , even under the bridge . Yes there is trees but there is pollution too . Drugs dragged him into this place and they wouldn't let him live alive. Drugs addiction is big deal here. Fights at school is like cat and dog fighting .My Sacramento is full of scent of weed .

In the first paragraph most of things were a lie . Not everyone has comfortable life if you have comfortable life, you struggled . People struggles with daily life .  People stabbing you back . I have trust issues with people here . People of different races lives here . Here we have variety of different cultures . Great place to visit  but not a good place to stay.

The author's comments:

This is personal experience but I have only lived in Sac for 3 years. This writing is about my life.

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