Fern Bacon, My Home

January 9, 2018
By Tyreegill BRONZE, Sacramento, California
Tyreegill BRONZE, Sacramento, California
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Fern Bacon Middle School is full of violent kids who use drugs and look up to gang members as their mentors and idols, a school full of serial killers and teenage drug lords who carry around life-ending weapons like the US Army Mareens to get what they want. A place where teachers come to school to add to the percentage of teens failing and dropping out. My fern bacon is in area where kids put their minds to gang related activities to get it the easy and risky way a place where you can't even blink because just like that your waking up to colorful sirens blasting down the street as loud as the 4th of July fireworks.

At least that's what some may say. But that’s not my Fern Bacon. Parents send their kids to fern bacon because they know that that its a safe and comforting environment and are getting a guaranteed education, everybody is treated as equal and like family no matter where you come from, everyone on campus is concerned about how your doing and care even on their worst days, it gives you that one feeling that can't be replaced.

Fern bacon is in the area of florin where there are struggling families that have relief to send their kids to Fern bacon because they know their children are going to get the proper education that every other kid gets and deserves,a place where children can have fun and feel as it the people they are surrounded with are family, a place where every kid loves and cherishes every moment their because time flies like a bird in the clear blue sky. My Fern bacon is full of supporting teachers who try their very best to keep every kid educated ,although there are a lot of rugrats who like to steal Iphones,clothing etc,during P.E hours and disrespect teachers who are trying to better our lives ,there is no violence at Fern bacon as you may think ,everyone respects the school because they know it's for the better of the lives in our community.If you want that Nostalgic feeling to last forever ,let me be the first to tell you Fern bacon is the school to attend.

The author's comments:

This is my essay about the truth of Fern Bacon.

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