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My Sacramento

January 9, 2018
By Jangel510 BRONZE, Sacramento, California
Jangel510 BRONZE, Sacramento, California
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My Sacramento is full of cold air in the mornings. I live in a nice home adults getting ready for work drinking warm coffee to start the day. My view from my window you can see the sunrise that shines in my room. I turn the cold shower on and get ready for a good day at school. Get a warm cup of milk and bread and head to school.

I don’t like to say this but i lied about the whole thing. I live in a home where weed is fresh in the air. Adults not waking up for work, kids ditching to smoke weed or just not go to school. Lots of drive-by’s. Plenty of shootings in places where gangs take a street name and call it there’s differents kinds of gangs shouting the colors they own and getting shot for disrespecting other gangs. Lots of corners or alleys would be used to sell any kind of drug or getting jumped by others or probably even being killed.

I’m writing this essay, so im still alive. I’m sure someone else didn’t but i don’t really know how many in a week or a month but it sometimes get to were many fall. We’re a big community but the homeless is a very big part and we have homes but not for all. We have many families using food stamp cards to get their children food. Many people smoking and drinking its bad for the kids so young. Some kids would run away from home and never return.

My Sacramento is a comfortable place for me it gets hot in the summer, but just don’t stay here or get caught in the wrong neighborhood.

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