Sacramento, My Home

January 9, 2018
By Ns1703 BRONZE, Sacramento, California
Ns1703 BRONZE, Sacramento, California
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Sunny side Sacramento California, where the trees grow tall and the weather is splendid. With beautiful countryside and where the urban community is rich and diverse. Sounds great right, maybe go to college or even retire and live the rest of your life here, until you find out what Sacramento is really about.

Don't take this the wrong way, I mean Sacramento’s great, if your into the whole simplicity thing. It's a very diverse city and would be a great place to settle down, and when I say settle down I literally mean just that, like before you move here pick out your castet. Because the Sacramento I live in moves to the beat of the gunshots and if you don't keep up you'll only get stuck in the crossfire. 

Our poverty level is higher than the national average and the crime rate has gone up 26% in the last 7 years.  Not to mention the drug addictions that are being more commonly found in adolescents. And the police who are supposed to protect us are more focused on a black man jaywalking than they are on the fact that more kids are being killed in gang on gang wars. Its sad but its my home.

Sacramento is pretty, sure, but only from the outside looking in. It hurts to call this place home knowing that at any point in time I could lose someone i've known my whole life, because they left the house wearing the wrong colored shirt or got hit by a driver on drugs. So come, stay, enjoy, but then leave because my home is not where you wanna be.

The author's comments:

This "Sacramento my Home" artical is simply my look on my city and the things I have experiences here.

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