The Making of a Legend

January 8, 2018
By littlelirio BRONZE, Lynnnville, Iowa
littlelirio BRONZE, Lynnnville, Iowa
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I felt empty, I didn't know if I could go on anymore, all I wanted was to lay down in the dirt and die. However, I wouldn't let life win that easily, no I knew I could succeed. Even though everyone that I thought I could trust told me just to give up, that it could never be achieved. I almost believed them, I almost gave into complete and utter despair and threw in the towel. However, this isn't a story of failure, no, this is a story of how I conquered my fears and obstacles, and made the most epic, stupendous, and overall impeccable bowl of ramen.

It was a beautiful summer morning, I mean I can only assume considering my groggy head didn't leave my pillow until about 1 pm. Nonetheless, for such a great day I had, I am sure there is no other way the morning could have been. As my glossy eyes adjusted to the sun piercing through my window, I felt a sudden pain in my tum tum. I thought to myself hmm this can't be good I better get some delicious food in my belly before I faint.
So I stood up and was about to head for the kitchen, but right as I did, my knees went weak and I felt a tear and rip in space for my brain was going co co crazy!! The intense pain and burning, what could it be. Then, I suddenly realized it was my awesome and powerful imagination opening itself up. I knew that I was about to have a revelation, and just like that I felt inspiration from God himself being  beamed into my melon.

This was it, this work of art that my dome had conducted would change the world. I knew I had no time to lose. I rushed down the stairs almost tripping over myself. I gave a few shouts to make sure no one else was at home. I then proceeded to blare some good old punk rock music. I could feel the creativity flowing through my veins, it granted me strength, wisdom, and knowledge. I walked over to our pantry and pulled out not one, but two packages of chicken flavored ramen. Now this is very important if someone is trying to copy my recipe. It is absolutely crucial that they use chicken flavor, because all the other flavors taste like ass hat.

Next I grabbed our medium size pot and filled it with exactly a certain amount of water. Not really sure how much, but I do know it was a certain amount. Then I turned that sucker on full blast. Next, I mixed in the two packages of seasoning using a small plastic whisk. Now some people will tell you to only use one because it's healthier, but screw that we're not here to be healthy, we're here to fill our bellies with mouth watering plastic.
So after the water comes to a boil I put my ramen noodles in. I let them soften until they were perfectly al dente. I was about to be finished when WHAM. I got hit hard with more creativity. I heard a voice whisper in my ear hole “peas.” I dropped to my knees and started weeping tears of joy. Then, I ran to the freezer and tore open the door and thankful found a full bag of frozen peas. I threw in a decent amount and watched the magic happen. After about six minutes the peas were fully cooked.

I looked at my creation and begin to salivate. I wanted to eat it so badly, but I said No nate be strong don't let your belly control you, for you creation isn't complete yet. So I sat on the ground and began to meditate searching for the answer to my problem. When all of a sudden I felt my brain being lifted out of my skull by no other hand, but God himself. He proceeded to gently whisper words of wisdom into it then jammed it back into my cranium. A bright light flashed and blinded me. I swear I could hear angels cheering my name.

With this new revelation from God I knew I could reach my goal. I slowly turned and walked to the fridge and pulled out the last ingredient. Three A grade eggs, I cracked them open and violently whisked them into my ramen. As soon as I did the ramen started glowing. It was the most elegant and eye popping image to ever gaze upon this earth. I started to cry uncontrollably as I took the first bite, my body went numb, sweat poured from my body . I literally felt the ramen fix all my broken emotions. I swear I had a broken toe while doing all of this. The ramen was so good my toe popped right back into place and was healed.

So this was one of the most if not most emotional and crazy journey I have ever been on as a human being. Now my soul purpose in life is to help the less fortunte taste my extraordinary ramen so that they to may have their eyes open to the true light of the world. For I feel like it's my calling from the heavens to do so. If not why would they send me this recipe? So mark my words, my ramen will change the face of the world maybe not today or tomorrow, but you bet your bottoms it will or my name isn't Nathanael L.

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