An Unforgettable Song

January 6, 2018
By chengyue_zhang BRONZE, Beijing, Other
chengyue_zhang BRONZE, Beijing, Other
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When the presenter announced that my choir won the second place of the 9th Olympic World Choir Game, I couldn’t believe what I heard. Then I was surrounded by the cheers from my friends. Everybody stood up and began to cry. The girl sat next to me gave me a big hug. I felt the greatest delight I’ve never had before. All the efforts that we made earn their meaning. Through this unforgotten experience, I learned much.

In the semi-finals, we were supposed to sing four songs. When we played the round type in the third song, I suddenly heard an unexpected voice, a girl in the alto got quick. The other students in the alto voice were led away by the girl and were getting quicker and quicker. Then I immediately raised my voice and tried to slow the alto voice back to the correct time. Our school choir’s leader, Mrs. Li, noticed that too. She used her hand to keep time. She frowned but still kept a smile on her face (because we were singing a happy song). But we failed. Our alto voice finally got overlapped with the soprano.

Everyone stopped. The smile on Mrs. Li's face froze. Everywhere was dark and the lights were focused on me. I used to enjoy this kind of moments, but not this time. There was a silence, but not the one which always comes before the performances and always makes me exciting and proud. Some of the students stood in front of me turned and tried to find the person who first got wrong. My mind was blank. The flood of plain and sadness poured and submerged me. But quickly I showed a big smile. The only thought in my head was to complete the performance. That was what we had to do. Then Mrs. Li became a conductor again. It seemed that she totally forgot what we had done. And everyone was so. We sang the last song as usual and perfectly.


After the competition, I was sad and disappointed. Maybe we would lose because of this little error. It was just one person's fault, but the whole choir must afford it. I cried, but nothing changed. Then I realized that the bad thing has already happened. Nothing would change no matter how hard we blamed the girl who played poorly. We were a team and we still had another round and opportunity. The best way was to help her to improve. I came to her and found that she was very disappointed about herself. I encouraged her, combed the whole melody with her and practiced together. In the finals, we performed very well, and we got the gold medal.

Never blame a person when she makes a mistake. Help her  and solve the problem. In the choir, I learned to encourage others and solve problems we confronted when we were struggling toward the same goal. And at the meantime we built very strong friendship. We have experienced many things with each other, successes and failures, laughters and tears. No matter what it is, that has become the precious treasure and memory we have together

The author's comments:

Everyone may have an unforgettable experience, through which we learned much, gained precious treasure and memory in our lives.

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