Normal Love, Normal Me

January 5, 2018
By Anonymous

As I walked into the school, my heart was skipping a beat. I was so nervous that at first, I didn’t even notice the overwhelming smell of Axe body spray and cotton candy perfume, most likely bought from Forever 21. I walked
down to my locker while looking down at the black and white tiled floor as not to make awkward eye contact with someone I hardly know. Once I went to my brightly white locker, I then started to put in my combination in order to unlock my locker so I can get my English 101 textbook, my English Folder, and my notebook with a pencil. It was a couple of days away before prom, I was a Senior, so it was my last year. I knew I had to tell them, it was either now or never.She always has been. “Hey Lina, did you finish your homework from last night?

You know, the packet we got in….hey, is everything ok?” Rubi says. When she says that, I remember what I want, no, I have to tell her. She always knows me so well, that or I guess i'm that obviously nervous.

“Yeah i'm fine, but I need to tell you something.” I say. “Ok, spit it out then.
I can tell whatever it is it’s bothering you so just tell me, I wont judge you, I
promise.” Rubi replies. “ bi.” As soon as the words escape my lips, I feel a
weight being lifted off my chest, but once I look at Ruby's face, the weight is
immediately put back on. “Your...wait, wait, this is another joke right? Very funny,
i'm not falling for it.” says Rubi. “Rubi...I'm serious.” I then slowly watch as Rubi’s
poker face goes in to total disgust and shock. “ are serious….um...I have
to go.”

Before I can stop her from leaving or at least asking were she’s going, she
already fled. At first, I shrugged it off, thinking maybe she just needed to go to the
nurse again for some cough drops. As the day goes on, however, I notice she
keeps avoiding me. She doesn’t sit with me at lunch, in class, nothing. Then, as
i'm on my bus, ready to go home, while many children yell and scream and I
swear I can smell chips, I get a message on my phone. Its from Rubi, and the
text read’s “Lina, I'm sorry, but I don’t think we can be friends anymore.
I'm sorry, but I just can’t be friends with someone who is like that, my
religion doesn’t allow it. And no offense but I find it...gross. I'm sorry, but I hopeyou can figure this phase out.” My hand shakes and I try not to cry, but it’s too late. I can already feel the warmth of a tear rolling down my cheek. Once I arrive home, I run to my room and find myself crying on my bed that once was fluffy but now just feels like laying on concrete. As im crying, I hear a knock at my door, it’s my sister, Rose. She asks to come in and I say she can. Once she sees me, she’s immediately worried. “What happened? Did someone hurt you?” I tell her no and tell her it’s fine, but she was never dumb even though she is two years younger than me.

I decide to tell her everything, she is my sister after all. She then tells me
that if she’s not going to be friends with me because of that, that she isn’t really
my friend and that it isn’t my fault. After she talks to me for a while about it, i'm
already feeling better. She even told me that if someone thinks i'm disgusting for
who I am to tell her and she’ll have a talk with them. I almost laughed at the
thought of it since she’s not very strong. Usually, my sister really annoys me and
hates me, but this is the first time she’s been so supportive. I guess I never really
knew how lucky I was to have a sister like her until that day.

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